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Ardning Wandern Karleckrunde auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The hike on the pasture Ardningalm around the little mountain Karleck has only one 700m long steep descent down from the Arlingsattel. Parking in front of the Ardningalm we walk over to the Pyhrgasgatterl , the managed hut Rohrauerhaus and the Arlingsattel back to the starting point.

As described on the MTB Tour Ardningalm, you reach the also well managed Ardningalm - 1.037m on a good dirt road. The first 4.8 km, we take a gentle walk along a forest road in an easterly direction. The first 2.4 km past the crossing “Sattelkreuzung” have an average gradient of 12.5%. Then the way past the uncultivated Bacheralm is slightly sloping. After 4.8 km at an altitude of about 1,250m we turn left onto the hiking trail that leads us over the Pyhrgasgatterl 1.328m directly to the hut - Rohrauerhaus 1.308m. In approximately half of the hike, we just make a pleasant break on the Rohrauerhaus who is near the 2.244m high mountain “Großer Pyhrgas”.

Then we go back on a forest road about a kilometer long down towards in the direction to the hut - Bosruckhütte. But after 2 km we turn to the left and hike up with an average gradient of about 10% past the huts Arlingalmen to the Arlingsattel. At the Arlingalmen end the forest road and the remaining 500m we walk on the hiking trail Nr.613. On the Arlingsattel we enjoy the magnificent views in Styria and Upper Austria after the mountain - Großer Pyhrgas, the mountains - Sengsengebirge and Dead Mountains. Back in Styria, we go 700m on the steep trail (31%) down to the crossing – Sattelkreuzung and then on the same road as at the beginning of this hiking tour back to the hut – Ardningalm Hütte. After very eventful 10.5 kilometers we find ourselves back at the starting point for the Ardningalm. On the sunny terrace, you can end the day very nicely.

The Ardningalm is southeast of 1.992m high mountain Bosruck. The area around the Bosruck forms the western part of the mountain – Haller Mauern. The Haller Mauern is a 16 km long mountain range on the border between the two Austrian provinces Styria and Upper Austria. Starting from the Ardningalm hut there are some easy hikes and alpine mountaineering tours. Even today, this is one of the biggest alpine pastures in Styria. During the months of May, June and July there are for botanists many orchids. In September and October you can watch often capercailzie, black grouse, chamois and deer.

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