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Großer Buchstein auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The mountain – Großer Buchstein 2.224m is north of the river - Enns and part of the National Park Gesäuse. He has a castle-like structure and a karst plateau. From the top and from the hut – Buchsteinhaus you’ll have an excellent view to the northern walls of the mountains in the south. These are particularly good places to experience the alpine glow in the late afternoon or early evening when the sun setting and bathe the limestone walls in a golden red light. Because of the graded passages (UIAA I) above the hut - Buchsteinhaus, boulders and rope insurance, sure-footedness and vertigo are also necessary on the normal route!

Parking is just before the bridge over the river - Enns, or in Gstatterboden at the nature park pavilion. First, we will hike 6.5 km and 970m vertical meters comfortably up to the hut – Buchsteinhaus 1.546m. For this we follow the marked hiking tail no.608 Rauchbodenweg and at km 1.4 begins the trail no. 641 up to the Buchsteinhaus. After 4km we reach the saddle - Brucksattel 1.117m. From there we hike also quite simply the 20 hairpin bends up to the Buchsteinhaus. The refuge is located in the so-called Krautgartl at the height of the tree line and below the southwest side of the Großer Buchstein. The Buchsteinhaus was completely rebuilt in 2009 and since then the hut has not only a modern feel with beautiful sleeping rooms, but also a large panoramic terrace. Very fit hikers create this tour in one day. All others should spend the night at Buchsteinhaus and fix the summit on the second day. Approximately 5min after the Buchsteinhaus we reach the next viewpoint. This is especially worthwhile in the fall, when the Admonter basin is still covered with fog.

After the Buchsteinhaus we hike on a well-marked trail through steep switchbacks with plenty of rubble by pines up to the mountain shoulder. On the narrow path we walk past the entrance of the mountain climbing "Buchstein Südwandband" over to the west side of the mountain. A little later we reach the junction with the "Wenger Weg" (black line in the Google Map). Who does not have enough knowledge in climbing, do not climb up there and must definitely take the normal route through the Western Gap. The Wenger Weg has on the 300 meters a few almost vertical and about 5m high escarpments, and is therefore a via ferrata (difficulty UIAA II). In the gorge there are no safety ropes and the climbing was assured only with a few kick pins and staples. Because of the very high risk of rock falls necessarily wear a helmet and take at least 15-20 minutes distance to the foregoing hikers.

All who want not make the already dangerous climbing over the Wenger Weg, hike further 200m on the normal route and a little downhill to the point - Nordsattel 1.920m and then up through the Western Gap to the summit plateau 2.075m. This variant is also not an easy hike. Because of the graded passages (UIAA I), heaps of rubble and rope insurance, sure-footedness and vertigo are also essential. The last 500m to the summit cross of the mountain Großer Buchstein are easier again. After the summit rest with the wonderful views of the mountains in the nature park Gesäuse we hike beyond the normal hiking trail back down to the hut - Buchsteinhaus and then along the same hiking trail back to the starting point.

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