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 The hiking trail to the shelter - Buchsteinhaus of Gstatterboden is 6.5 km long. The Buchsteinhaus is located at 1.546m -  970 altimeters above Gstatterboden, in the so-called Krautgartl below the southwest side of the mountain Großer Buchstein 2.224m high above the Ennsvalley. The Buchsteinhaus is a refuge of the hiking club – Naturfreunde Österreich and was built in the years 1921 - 1924. Since 2010, the new built Buchsteinhaus is open every year from May to October. By the west and south walls  there are a variety of routes for climbers in all difficulties. In addition to the variant described here, you can reach the Buchsteinhaus also from St. Gallen through the valley -  Great Billbachtal in about 5 hours.

We start the nice hiking tour Gstatterboden. As starting point we chose the large parking lot at the naturpark pavilion. There also begins the mountain tour of the Ennstalerhütte and the mountain - Tamischbachturm 2.035m. But we go next to the road a few hundred meters towards west to the railroad crossings. Then we follow the trail - Rauchbodenweg marked with No. 608, up to 1.4 km. Then begins the trail No. 641 up to the Buchsteinhaus. After the ditch – Kohlgraben we reach at 4 km to the saddle Brucksattel at 1.117m. Betwenn Kohlgraben and Brucksattel we cross the forest road a few times. At the Brucksattel is also the base station of the material ropeway and the forest road ends.

From the Brucksattel we walk on the hiking trail No. 641 around 20 hairpin bends to the Buchsteinhaus. After about 2,5 hours we are on the Buchsteinhaus and we have fantastic views from the sunny terrace to the Gesäuse mountains and up to the south wall of the mountain Großer Buchstein 2.224m. The south wall offers a variety of climbing routes for all abilities, from classic as Westgrat (3 -) and Südpfeiler (6 +) up to modern times such as tours of the Spaltenzone (7 +) and Feuerland (8 +). Much easier is the south wall-climbing belt (B), but it should be done only with climbing gear. Hikers reach the mountain – Großer Buchstein by following the normal route No. 641. After the break we hike a little further towards the Großer Buchstein around 250m and there we reach the highly recommended viewing point.

In the same way we walk past the Buchsteinhaus down to the Brucksattel. From there we are hike on the 2 km longer forest road (in the Google Map marked dark blue) down to Gstatterboden.

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