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 The Grabnerstein is also referred as the mountain in Styria with the most beautiful flowers. The not too strenuous hike is highly recommended in early summer because of the wealth of flowers. Between May and June blooming about two hundred different species of plants. Especially the part-coverage alpine white daffodils are very rare at this altitude. Different species of orchids and many other alpine flowers are very interesting for botanists and photographers.

We start with the hike to the mountain - Grabnerstein 1.847m at the car park Buchauer saddle 885m. Until the hut - Grabneralm one goes about 1.5 hours. The first kilometer to Grabneralm 1.391m we hike on an old forest road with an average gradient of 16%. The remaining 3.5 km to Grabneralm house have then on the new forest road a slope of only 10%. After the rest at the hut - Grabneralmhaus we walk on the well-marked normal route in an easterly direction to the point – Kleinboden and towards Zilmkogel. Just below the summit we see the ruins of the experimental barn. Who was built by Dr. Paul Schuppli in 1913 in a high of 1819m. After 6 kilometers we reach the summit cross and rejoice over the great views of the mountains Mittagskogel, in the southeast of the National Park Gesäuse, west of Grimming, the Kemet Mountains, Dachstein glacier, Pleschberg, Bosruck and Großer Pyhrgas. Back to thel Grabneralmhaus we walk on the same trail. A few meters below the Grabneralmhaus we opt now for the trail - Alter Grabneralmweg Nr.628. In the beginning we walk across the meadow and then down through the forest. After about 30 minutes, the trail opens into a forest road. At Km 12 we reach the road - Kletzenbergstraße and we go on this the last 600m to the east back to the parking lot.

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