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Lahngangkogel Kaiserau auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen


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 The beautiful hiking tour near the National Park Gesäuse along the Lahngangkogel 1.780m with starting point at the hut - Oberst Klinke Hütte is not difficult and therefore also recommended for families with children. The trail is not numbered, and only at key points marked and signposted. But there's only one way across the Lahngangkogel, one has no problems losing the orientation. The path is not rocky or uneven and does not require high slip resistance. But good walking shoes and a hiking map are still encouraged. In winter is the little mountain Lahngangkogel also a good bet for a nice ski tour in the styrian region Gesäuse.  
You can reach the Kaiserau by car either from Admont or Trieben. For the gravel road up to the hut Oberst Klinke Hütte you have to pay a toll. The payment of the toll is at the ski lift. The ticket automat also accepts bills.

At the Oberst Klinke Hütte is a large parking lot. As soon as you get out you have a beautiful view of the Kalbling 2.196m, which rises up behind the hut Oberst Klinke Hütte. The trail begins at the right side of the Obers Klinke Hütte 400m uphill to the passage Kalblingatterl on a high of 1.542m. On Kalblinggatterl turn right to the south towards Lahngangkogel. To the left you would go to the mountain Kalbling and Sparafeld straight up  you could hike over to the pasture Flitzenalm to the hut Mödlingerhütte. After another 800 meters with an average gradient of about 20% begins the lighter part with 1 km over the ridge to the summit cross. The trail leads with no dangerous or dazzling points light up and down through blueberry bushes. The tree growth does allow some very good vantage points. The beautiful cross on the summit Lahngangkogel stands a few feet below the highest point.

The descent to the Wagenbänkalm has also an average gradient of 20%. The cultivated pasture is almost exactly in the half of the hike on a highe of 1.560m. The trail bach to Kalblinggatterl leads on the eastern side of the Lahngangkogel with no significant height differences and little uphill and downhill through a forest. Turn 300m after Wagenbändalm on the forestroad left. A few meters away at the sign to the Oberst Klinke Hütte begin a beautiful hiking trail. Just as shows in the Google Map there is next to the hiking trail from Kalblinggatterl to Oberst Klinke Hütte also a forest road.

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