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 This challenging mountain hike takes you to 20 kilometers in the National Park Gesäuse by the gorge - Hartelsgraben, the pasture - Sulzkaralm, the mountain - Hochzinödl, the hut - Hesshütte, the prominent rock - Sulzkarhund, the hut - Sulzkaralm and back again by the Hartelsgraben to the starting point at the river - Enns. Highly recommended is this tour because it combines the experience of unspoiled, forest landscape, flowering alpine meadows, very great alpine mountain scenery and the coziness on the huts. There are not too difficult trails and paths in varied terrain, sometimes steep but never exposed. Alpine shoes and a good condition are absolutely necessary.

The starting point is located about 5 km east of Gstatterboden, and 3.5 km west of Hieflau at the Parking - Hartelsgraben 535m. On the trail no. 665, we hike first through the gorge - Hartelsgraben. The first highlight is famous for its imposing rock & water scenery, especially in autumn due to the colorful trees, which turn the landscape into a sea of ​​color. The area around Hartelsgraben was used for forestry intensively over a long period. 1892 was built the first mountain forest road of the monarchy. Long sections have an average gradient of 20%. The history of the old forest road and the former intensive charcoal smelting is told along the themed walk.

After 3.4 km at the hunting lodge we leave the Hartelsgraben and go on the trail no. 601 to the crossroads - Kohl Anger at 3.7 km. There right and then until to km 5.4 on the gravel road. Then we leave the gravel road, hike 400m long on the meadow and get to the Sulzkar junction 1,365m at km 5.8. The 2,8 km on the trail no. 662 up to Hochzinödl are the steepest and hardest part of this hike. First, it goes straight and steep to the base of the rockface. About smaller, not difficult rock steps and then later on a steep meadow in wide zigzags you reach at km 7.5 a small plateau at 1.933m. The last kilometers along the northeastern flank to the summit is not because of the slope, but because of the orientation by the pines and the vertically sloping south side, a little challenge. About the wide plateau you reach after nearly 1,700 vertical meters the 2.191m high peak - Hochzinödl. After a very nice rest at the summit with the gigantic mountain views in Gesäuse follows the descent to the Hess hut 1.699m, which stands on the saddle - Ennsecksattel since 1893. In addition to a meal and drinks you’ll be enjoyed on the sun terrace by the look to the Hochtor Group and Hochzinödl.

Before the last climb to Sulzkarhund we walk 700m south to Gamsbrunn 1.630m. The Sulzkarhund 1.806m is a boulder on the saddle between Hochzinödl, Rotofen and Jahrlingmauern. It owes its name to its resemblance to a sitting dog. The first 300m during the descent into the valley - Sulzkar are a bit steeper. The magnificent alpine landscape impressed us with the tall spruce trees, boulders amid the pastures, small moors with cotton grass and the small lake - Sulzkarsee. With a little luck you can observe marmots or chamois on the steep flanks surrounding the pasture and the small alpine hut invites you to a short rest, before we return by the same route as the start of the tour through the Hartelsgraben to the starting point.

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