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Wandern Kaiserau Lahngangkogel auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The little mountain Lahngang Kogel on the plateau Kaiserau in Admont is a lightweight hiking destination for young and old. For whom the 8.9 km and 686 meters are too strenuous can drive up with the car on the toll road to the hut – Oberst Klinke Hütte. From there you can start the lighter hiking tour Lahngangkogel.

The starting point of the longer version is located right at the beginning of the large car park on the Kaiserau. Along the forest road we walk leisurely to the first bend at km 2.5. In the very next right turn, it goes up on a 700m long hiking path to the great hut – Oberst Klinke Hütte. Alternatively, you can also hike along the dirt road. Then you walk to the Kalblinggatterl on 1.542m at first on the hiking trail that starts right at the lodge and then a few meters on a forest road. Straight ahead you would go over to the pasture Flitzenalm to the hut Mödlingerhütte and to the left you can make a mountain hiking tour to the very wonderful – Kalbling and Sparafeld. The Lahngangkogel is in the south of the Kalblinggatterl. So we turn to the right on the sparsely marked but well-worn trail. The first 800m to the east summit has an average gradient of 20%. Here is a particularly good view to the Kalbling, Sparafeld, Admonter Reichenstein and Mödlingerhütte. Then we walk leisurely along the ridge through blueberry bushes and reach the peak.

After the good view from the summit cross it goes down about 220 altimeters to the managed hut Wagenbänkalm. From Wagenbänkalm away we go first on the gravel road 200m to the west and then turn on the marker to the right on the trail – Gustl Steig towards Kaiserau. After the – Gustl Steig - we go right along the forest road downhill to the Edenburter Törl on 1308m. Don‘t walk uphill again but take the right ski slopes of the ski lifts Kaiserau. The trail is relatively little committed in wet meadow is not recommended so much, because you can be wet quickly through the tall grass.

Those who walk the route in the opposite direction would first go through the meadow along the uphill lift supports. After the elevator No. 3 starts on the right side a smaller slope in winter and in summer the hiking trail to the hut Wagenbänkalm.

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