Kreuzkogel Riffel Xeis



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 From the large car park Kaiserau 1.135m we hike the first 1.6 km on a forest road in the direction of Scheiblegger Hochalm. It follows the 1.2 km long and 34% steep Alpsteig-trail up through the forest. At the end of this trail we reach at an altitude of 1,660m the pasture - Scheiblegger Hochalm. From this point we leave the forest and there are already some wonderful viewpoints in the ascent to the mountains – Kreuzkogel and Kalbling.

The hiking trail lead us 200m east of the non-farmed hut - Scheiblegger Hochalm, over the southern ridge up to the mountain - Kreuzkogel 2011m. The summit cross is not placed on the highest point. The ridge crossing to the next mountain - Riffel 2106m is advisable only for experienced mountain hikers. Some exposed places are secured with wire ropes. The non-difficult first mountain - Kreuzkogel on this tour is also suitable for children. The trail between Kreuzkogel and Riffel is not recommended in wet conditions. In addition, it is necessary to be sure-footedly and not suffer from vertigo. Both peaks are very beautiful view mountains.

Before you descend to the managed hut - Oberst Klinke Hütte, you can also hike to the nearby mountains Kalbling and Sparafeld. At the descend to the Oberst Klinke Hütte, you must be once again sure-footedly and suffer from vertigo at the trail down on the west side of the Kalbling. Under the Kalbling south wall we walk through the mountains pines to the Kalblinggatterl 1,542m. There we turn right and reach after 400m the Oberst Klinke. There we sit down for a long rest. The last part of this tour back to the starting point on the Kaiserau car park is not difficult or strenuous.
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