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Hexenturm Admonter Haus auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The 2.172m high mountain - Hexenturm is one of the six most prominent peaks of the mountains - Haller Mauern. The first part to the up to the hut – Admonter Haus is a very nice, easy hike. At the Admonter Haus starts the high alpine and scenically impressive part of this mountain hiking tour. The hike up to the mountain - Mittagskogel and Natterriegel is still not too demanding. More different is the "Normal" trail to the moutain – Hextenturm. Since the trail is mostly very steep and often equipped with ropes. Between Natterriegel and Hexenturm climbers can choose, with suitable equipment, the climbing trail - Hexensteig (difficulty B/C).

The hike starts on the saddle Buchauer Sattel 861m at the parking lot. In the first part of the tour we walk in about 1 to 1.5 hours up to hut - Grabneralm Haus 1.391m. After a relaxing break on the terrace of the Grabneralm, with great views of the mountains in Gesäuse, we follow the trail to Admonter Haus. The Admonter Haus is located at kilometer 5.7 on the alpine saddle - Grabnertörl at an altitude of 1.723m. The average slope is approx 19%. Before we move northward over a ridge to the saddle between Mittagskogel and Natterriegel we make 1.804m a half-hour detour to the little mountain Admonter Warte 1.804m. Just before we get on the trail in many small serpentines to the summit cross of the 2.041m high Mittagskogel there are two short, not difficult passages that are very well secured with steel ropes. After the break on the Mittagskogel we hike a few meters down and back to the saddle between Mittagskogel and Natterriegel Only 5 -10min later one already is then on the Natterriegel 2.065m.

There is only one summit register book, but no summit cross. It is followed by a 200m long steeper descent. If you want to climb and you have also the necessary equipment you can choose the about 700m long "Hextensteig" – (difficulty B/C). It is marked throughout and all the difficult passages are covered with wire ropes. In between, there are insecure grounds of the cat I. But we hike down on the very steep and with ropes secured trail into the - Rosskar. Here you must also overcome Cat. A sections that are secured with ropes. Overall, the descent from the Natterriegel down to the Rosskar is about 200 vertical meters. About much stone debris we traverse then the Rosskar and then steeply up to the summit area. At kilometer 8.5, we reach the other end of the climb – Hexensteig and the ridge. The final section to the summit consists of a varied, easy climb with some cable locks. The view at the moutain - Hexenturm is the next highlight of this great tour with an alpine flair.

The way back is along the same path. Only from the hut Admonter Haus down to pasture - Grabneralm we went on the trail Gamssteig, which is located a few meters east. This is not a difficult trail and he also has no particularly exposed areas.

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