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 Grimming North - difficult  Grimming hut - easy
 Grimming - Multereck - difficult  Grimmingtor - moderate
 Tressenstein / Trautenfels - moderate  Tressenstein / Niederstuttern - moderate

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The Grimming is a 2351m high mountain in Upper Styria between the Enns Valley and the Salzkammergut Ausseerland. Because of its imposing appearance, the highest freestanding mountain in Europe has long been regarded as the highest mountain in Styria. From the summit of the Ennstal Grimming rises steeply around 1700m. Geologically, the Grimming belongs to the Dachstein massif and consists of Dachstein limestone.

The most popular routes on the Grimming are from Trautenfels or Niederstuttern the South-variant on the Grimming hut. From Kulm in Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf behind the ski flying facility starts the northern route. And from Trautenfels you can also go first to Multereck and eastern pre-peak 2176m and then to the Grimming on the eastern route. The Grimming is not an easy mountain to hike. It is more for climbing. Depending on your condition should be scheduled for a mountain tour of the Grimming about 5-8 hours, you should be dizzy and very slippery. Beginners should take at best, an experienced mountain guide and set up a helmet because of the danger of falling rocks. On all the mountain climbing tours are technically difficult passages.

The first ascent was probably by hunters in the end of the 17th century from Klachau. Heinrich Hess succeeded in 1886 the rise of the snow pit from Trautenfels. The first summit cross was erected on the Grimming in 1903 on the occasion of the 55-year jubilee, Emperor Franz Josef. During the cross installation 102 men and one woman were present at the summit. The Grimming floor consists not only of the 2.351m high Grimming. From east to west, there are some other surveys and Summit - Multereck 2.176m, Schartenspitze 2.328m, Steinfeldspitze 2.290m, Zwölfer 2.146m, Krautschwellereck 1.959m, Zehnerspitz 1.879m und Mittereck 1.695m. The mountain Schartenspitze is the second highest peak, but shapely and most difficult to reach summit. The west of the towering rock gorge has formed in the summit tower area, a steep rock slab and has a total of daring. The Schartenspitze was climbed first time in 1888 by Dr. Edward Suchanek with Matthew Dear vlg. Hiesl.

The Grimming hut is the only farmed hut on Grimming and is located in the south of the summit on the Enns valley side at an altitude of 966m. Continuous opening times from June to September and on Saturday, Sunday from May to October. With children the easy hike from Trautenfels to the Grimming hut is creating in the specified time of 1h15min. The Grimming hut can also be used as quarters for the night before and after an ascent of Grimming. Due to many tragedies on Grimming, who had often to do with the weather a emergency shelter was built in 1949. The bivouac is protected from the wind about 70 altimeters below the Grimming summit Grimming in a depression. In 1998, the bivouac was refurbished.

The Grimmingtor on the southern side in Enns valley is worth seeing specificity. The Grimmingtor is about 50 meters high and 15m wide wall cavity which is closed above from a ledge. According to a legend, hidden behind the Grimmingtor untold treasures. On Corpus Christi will be a legend to open the gate and give the treasure hunters intake. A small or dwarf male leads here through the interior of Grimming. Who will not return before the lunch bell and leaves the Grimming will be trapped for a year.

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