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 The 1.823m high Hochtausing you can also hike as an experienced hiker without climbing set on the east side. The steep lightweight climbing sections (1+) and some sections are secured with ropes and pins (difficulty A - A/B), are not recommended for children. Especially dangerous is this hike when it is raining or the ground is still wet. Therefore, watch the weather very well.

On the road B146 through the Ennstal valley we drive to Wörschach and then about 500m from the center to the east. Then follow a one-lane, paved road up to Wörschachberg. 600m after the inn Panoramablick, turn left and continue on the gravel road for another 600m to the parking lot at the point Schönmoos 1.124m. At the beginning of the tour we go flat on the gravel road 400m to the west and then to the north along the hiking path nr.281 through the forest. At Km 2.3, we reach the clearly marked boarding on the northeast side of the mountain Hochtausing. Then we walk a short distance through the steep forest and then into a furrow (in the spring often filled with snow). According to the furrow the demanding passages begin. In the now easy climb through the root - soil terrain, many roots are good handles. Then some secured passages with ropes, pins and clips must be overcome, difficulty A to A/B. A more difficult passage is in a cliff where you have to overcome about 5m on the wire and on a few staples and pens. There are beautiful views down into the almost vertical north face. At the Summit on 1.823m then you’ll have enough space for a pleasant break with a wonderful panoramic views in all 4 directions.

Then we hiked down on the same trail. Since we had plenty of time, we have chosen the following circumnavigation of Hochtausing. Those who returns to the starting point the short hike ends after 6.6 km. After a short, flat piece we walk mostly along the forest road past the unmanaged huts of Langpoltenalm up to the passage - Langpoltner Klamml 1.580m. Here we was impressed about the view of the very steep north side of mountain - Hochtausing. In the west of the hill – Sonnwendköpperl is the next pasture Schneehitzalm 1.600m. There also begins for climbers the Toni climbing on the west side of Hochtausing. 1500m later, we reach the well managed hut - Bärenfeuchtenalm . The last six kilometers we go on forest roads in the south of Niedertausing and Hochtausing back to the starting point. At kilometer 10 there is a 400m long abandoned forest road, which is quite overgrown and damp.

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