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Fuschl Schober Wandern Berg auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The short but not easy hike on the mountain – Schober can be successfully combined with a swim in Lake Fuschl. On this tour you can enjoy in a relatively short time a beautiful view and you’ll also reach a bit in alpine terrain. You can also shorten the tour and drive up by car to the inn- Forsthaus Wartenfels. The trail on the both summits Schober and Frauenkopf is then only 3.6 km long. When wet, you have to be very careful. For younger children, this tour is not suitable as at the top a lot of sure-footedness requires. Anyone traveling with preschoolers should only go past the inn - Forsthaus Wartenfels to the ruin Wartenfels. The castle is located at 1010m and from there you’ll have also a very good view of Lake Fuschl, Wallersee and Mondsee.

From the seaside resort in Fuschl (670m) we go first towards to the center of Fuschl am See. Along the beautiful Salzkammergut lake, or a view meters through the beautiful place it is the first 900m very flat until the Hotel Ebner's Waldhof. Here we cross the road and turn right onto the hiking trail No.10. Through the woods and past the golf course we go the first 2.7 kilometers up to a height of 930m. Once there, we decide that we're going this time the trail counterclockwise. The trail up to the summit cross - Frauenkopf has long sections with gradients of 25%. From km 3.7 the forest thins and the environment is becoming increasingly rocky. At the last 600 meters to the summit cross on the mountain - Frauernkopf there are many passages that were with levels of logs made easier accessible. After 4.3 km we are at the Frauenkopf (1.225m). Because of the very fascinating view we make on the first summit also a long rest. Besides the marvelous view towards the mountain - Schober, the lake Wolfgangsee and the mountain - Schafberg, there is a wonderful view of Lake Fuschlsee and the village Fuschl. Even the headquarters of Red Bull can be seen very well from above.

Until the next summit - Schober there are only 300m. A few meters before the summit cross is in a weather-protected location, the very small hut - Schoberhütte. These can be used in bad weather as well as emergency shelter. On the Schober (1.282m) you look on nice days past Salzburg deep into Germany and also the views of the lake - Mondsee is breathtakingly beautiful. The descent down from the mountain Schober is first backed up with some kick brackets and wires, and then until the ruin Wartenfels same steep as the ascent on the other side.

After 5.8 km we reach the ruins Wartenfels (1010m). The castle Wartenfels was built in the 13th Century built and burned in the Peasants' War. After that she was indeed rebuilt, but from the early 17th Century not been renovated. 400m after the ruins Wartenfels we reach the nice inn - Forsthaus Wartenfels (930m). The remaining 3 km we walk back the same way as at the beginning of the highly recommended hike in the Austrian region Salzkammergut.

Since the starting point of this tour by the beach in Fuschl am See, you can spend the rest of the day a few quiet hours at Lake Fuschl. The lake is the most westerly lake in the Salzkammergut region. The just under 3 km² big lake is on the road B 158 from Salzburg very good accessible. The only major town on Lake Fuschl is Fuschl am See. The lake reaches a maximum depth 66m and max. Temperature of about 24 degrees.

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