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 Bad Aussee is a spa town with about 5,000 inhabitants is the main town in the Salzkammergut region-Ausseerland, or Styrian Salzkammergut. The 82 km ² area of Bad Aussee is divided into four cadastral municipalities: Bad Aussee, Obertressen, Lerchenreith, Reitern and Straßen. The villages are Gallhof, Eselsbach, Markt, Obertressen, Lerchenreith, Reitern, Sarstein, Anger, Gschlößl, Reith and Unterkainisch. Bad Aussee is at the confluence of two tributaries of the Traun: Altausseer Traun and Grundlsee Traun. Bad Aussee point out that one is located in the geographical center of Austria. The idyllic and harmonious landscape in Bad Aussee, and the whole atmosphere of the Salzkammergut - Ausseerland are ideal for the summer. And since it is not surprising that many people have created a second home in Bad Aussee. The history of the town of Bad Aussee is marked by the salt mining, salt flats and the associated wealth. The brisk trade in salt over the millennia has left the customs and culture in his tracks. Thus, the Ausseer Flinserln have to be on Mardi Gras in Bad Aussee see too many similarities with the masks in Venice, Italy.

The most famous event in Bad Aussee is the end of May, the Daffodil Festival. Here you can marvel at the participating in the procession with the daffodils decorated floats. Each year, again the figures adorned with thousands of daffodils. About 25,000 spectators come to the Daffodil Festival in Bad Aussee. In addition to the motorcade in Bad Aussee, a boat parade takes place on the lakes Grundlsee or Altausseersee.

Landmarks in Bad Aussee : Kammerhof - Museum, Old mill, parish of St. Paul, pedestrian bridge over the Traun - in the form of a Mercedes star, Chlumeckyplatz, park.

Salzkammergut region consists of the smaller regions - Inneres Salzkammergut ( Hallstatt - Dachstein World Heritage region ), Ausseerland - Salzkammergut region, and the tourist destinations: Almtal, Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee, Mondsee - Irrsee, Bad Ischl, Fuschl, Wolfgangsee and Attergau. The Holiday Region Salzkammergut is distributed over the provinces of Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. There are 76 lakes in the Salzkammergut region, many prominent mountains in the Dachstein area of the Northern Limestone Alps, Dead Mountains, Sengsengebirge and Höllenbebirge. With the crystal clear waters of numerous rivers and streams in the Alps, which gives a varied and interesting tourist destination.

Because of the fantastic, beautiful scenery, the entire Salzkammergut is one of the most famous regions in Austria and is also very popular among the many guests coming from all over the world to the Salzkammergut. Even in the days of the Habsburg monarchy was known to appreciate the beautiful summer resorts, and very near the imperial family and many nobles and artists spent some relaxing summer days in the Salzkammergut.

For holiday guests, there are 4000 kilometers hiking trails in the lush, green forests and meadows. There are many swimming at the popular crystal clear lakes of the Salzkammergut. Attersee, Mondsee, Traunsee, Wolfgangsee, Hallstättersee, Altausseersee, Grundlsee, Fuschlsee, Steirersee and Irrsee. The lakes also use many surfers, sailors, fishermen and hikers lakes. Cyclists and mountain bikers can choose from a variety of tours from easy to difficult.

The many lakes also make up the special charm of the Salzkammergut. With the calm, the sun and the scenic beauty in the Salzkammergut region brings a holiday the stressed-out body and soul back into line and gives a lot of power.
Hallstatt with its 7000 years old history of salt was very valuable and also appointed by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Even today the population of Salzkammergut is traditional. For example the "Flinserln" and "Trommelweiber" during the carnival, the Daffodil Festival with a boat parade on the Altausseersee and Grundlsee and the huge Altausseer beer tent.

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