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Deneck 2.433m

Großer Knallstein 2.599m

Gumpeneck 2.226m

Hochstubofen 2.385m

Hornfeldspitze 2.277m

Süßleiteck 2.507m

Predigtstuhl 2.543m

Putzentalalm - Schwarzensee

Sölktal Wandern Bergwandern auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The nature Park “Sölktäler” includes some valleys south of the river “Enns”, some areas in the styrian region “Murtal” and large parts of the tourist region of Dachstein Tauern near Schladming. Idyllic villages, flowering meadows, wild mountain streams, and the Sölker marble are characteristic of the nature Park Sölktäler. The Nature Park House in Großsölk with over 200 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers shows you the diversity of the region. The natural landscape of the park is dominated by rugged mountain peaks, lakes, alpine meadows, forests and villages embedded therein. Also, the element of water enriches the Alpine landscape. Areas with their typical vegetation of small lakes until to the lake “Schwarzensee” with 23 acres and a numerous of waterfalls, all aquatic habitats are represented.

The cattle graze in the summer on the green pastures. The daily routine on the huts is still working on many traditional customs. Dairy-maids produce in the copper boilers, as has always been the Styrian cheese. Many huts entertain the guests with Styrian products, like the Styrian cheese, butter, bread, butter, milk and donuts. The nature Park Sölktäler is a famous hunting ground. Also, black grouse and capercaillie can be found here.

Traditional events and marquee parties in the summer are a part of the alpine lifestyle and are just like the sensitive nature and the products of the region. In addition to the typical recreational activities in the Alps, such as hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, climbing, ski mountaineering, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, curling, tobogganing, cycling, mountain biking and cross country skiing is in the tourist towns of the Dachstein Tauern region, including horseback riding, tennis, golf, squash , swimming, paragliding, sleigh rides, ropes courses and much more offered. In winter the ski resorts Planai Hochwurzen, Hauser Kaibling and Reiteralm very famous and popular ski resorts with an excellent range of ski lifts, restaurants, hotels and après ski lodges. In winter there are ski mountaineers and hikers in summer and mountaineers traveling to the mass tourism of the way and prefer the quiet of nature. In the castle Großsölk was established a museum where you can learn a lot of the history of the Alps with good pictures and photos.

Over 6000 years can be traced back the history of the trade route over the Sölkpaß between the valleys “Ennstal” and “Murtal”. There have been supplied mainly salt from north to south and in the opposite direction of the grain and wine. Even today, remnants of the old Roman road can be seen. The nature Park Sölktäler have 277 square kilometers and extends from the river “Enns” on 660m up to the summit of the highest mountain “Hochwildstelle” with 2.747m.

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