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Ursprungalm - Oberhüttensee auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 For the difficult mountain hiking tour in the Schladming Tauern, you should allow about 6-7 hours. The pasture Ursprungalm at the end of the valley Preunegg can be reached by car or bus from Pichl-Preunegg. For the gravel toll road you have to pay a few Euros. From the parking lot, there are only a few hundred meters and 15 altimeters to the rustic cabins at an altitude on a high of 1.610m. Even on the arrival to the Ursprungalm you have a lot of great vantage points. Special the valley toward to the glacier Dachstein. Behind the Ursprungalm the mountain Steirische Kalkspitze 2.459m is a very picturesque background. Behind the huts start the stony forest road up to the Preuneggsattel with a gradient of 20% on the first 800m. The remaining 1.4 km through the region Rinderfeld with many blooming rhododendron bushes in June and July have even an average gradient of 14 %. The Giglachseehütte is a shelter and is located a few meters after the Preuneggsattel at 1955m. It is also possible to stay a night on the Giglachseehütte. Even a shower facility with hot water is available.

700m further to the south you reach the Znachsattel in the region Lungau - Salzburg. At the border to Styria you walk on the trail Nr.702 a little steeper at first and then flat uphill to the Ahkarscharte. Especially from 3.5 km, the landscape is such so that you can believe you are in the Dolomites. The trail is very pleasant to walk, because there are almost no difficult sections, steep slopes, or lifelines would be required. On the Ahkarscharte 2.314m after 5.4 km, you hike first to the right up to the Steirische Kalkspitze.

The narrow trail is not marked. The trail leads first on the left side a few feet below the ridge. In the middle is an exposed point and then the trail leads on the ridge to the Steirische Kalkspitze 2.459m. Therefore the walkers with fear of heights should not walk to this mountain. On the top of the Steirische Kalkspitze there is not much room. In addition to the wonderful views is the north side very interesting because it drops down almost 900m to the Ursprungalm.

Quite different is the equal opposite mountain Lungauer Kalkspitze 2.476m. In southern direction we get from the Styrian Kalkspitze back down to the Ahkarscharte and then move through small winding and gravel trails on the flank to the summit of the Lungauer Kalkspitze. The trail is not exposed, not so steep and therefore suitable for non-vertigo. The summit area is also not so exposed like the Sterische Kalkspitze and offers some hikers a good place for the rest. Of the Lungauer Kalkspitze one has passing the Styrian Kalkspitze to the north in good weather, a wonderful view to the glacier Dachstein. Should once again cover a few clouds the glacier is still the good view of the lake Oberhüttensee in Lungau and the lake Giglachseen in the Styrian part of this hike very interesting.

Then you’ll hike 620 vertical meters down to the lake Oberhüttensee. There you’ll reach again a beautiful pasture with a variety of vegetation. Before the last part of the hike we make a stop after the worth seeing lake Oberhüttensee on the cabin Oberhütte at 1.860m. A few hundred meters after the hut towards Forstau starts a very steep trail on the Trail No.37 up to the Brotrinnl 2.094m back to Ursprungalm. The last 300m have a slope of almost 40%. If many hikers travel you should be careful on the rockfall. Along the black marked line in the Google Map of the Steirische Kalkspitze to the mountain Meregg 2.235m and Brotrinnl there are much less altimeters. This variation is due to the many exposed places only for very experienced hikers recommend. When wet, this variant is not recommended.

The final descent to Ursprungalm is also not easy because the road have many steps and we must also be concentrated at the end of this hike. There are many slippery places when wet. The last 600m before the rest on the Ursprungalm we walk comfortable on the trail Ursprungalm and enjoy again the beautiful mountain panorama in the Schladminger Tauern.

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