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 The snowshoe tour through in the Liezener district Pyhrn up to the pasture - Hintereggeralm is 9.2 km long and with 436 vertical meters moderately difficult. Already during the tour up to Hintereggeralm there are beautiful views to Upper Austria over to the mountains Bosruck and Großer Pyhrgas. The starting point on the border between Styria and Upper Austria is easily accessible via the road B138. Beside the main road and a few hundred meters away there are about 30 parking spaces.

The first 2 km, we go up on the toboggan run. For safety, you should go on days with lots of activity on the toboggan run, not on the steep slope and choose the 800m longer route on the road. The average gradient on the road is with 7% to 15% also much easier. In the left-hand bend on a high of 1.130m we leave the toboggan run. We take the same route as the ski tourers and go 400m far through a forest. Then we will walk about 100 vertical meters up on the free grazing area. The section “Himmel” (=heaven) is as already we can deduced from the name the highest part of the pasture -Hintereggeralm. From there, we have a very good view of the mountain Nazogl. But that's nothing compared to the wonderful view from the highest point on 1.285m. Near the first huts you’ll have a fantastic view to the mountain Hochtausing, Grimming and the mountains in the Schladminger Tauern. Depending on snow conditions, we go on the same way, or as here described on a small loop back down to the starting point.


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