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The walk to the Admonterhaus begins at the parking lot directly by the road pass "Buchauersattel" on 885m. The Buchauersattel is between Admont and St. Gallen in the beautiful Styrian region Gesäuse. The first part of the walk leads on a forest road to Grabneralm house and there are no hiking boots required. For the path from Grabneralm house to Admonter house sturdy walking shoes are highly recommended. The walking tour to Grabneralm is suitable for children over 8 years and the path to the Admonterhaus from about 12 years. Until to Grabneralm you go about 1.5 hours, and about 45 minutes from the Grabneralm to Admonterhaus. With the breaks you take for this hike about 5-6 hours.

The first kilometer of the walk to Grabneralmhaus leads still on the old forest road with an average gradient of 16%. The remaining 3.5 km to the Grabneralm house on the new forest road will have a slope of only 10%. After a relaxing break on the terrace of the Grabneralm house, with magnificent views of the mountains in Gesäuse, begins the ascent up the path towards Admonterhaus.

The Admonter house is at km 6.2 on Grabnertörl at a height of 1.725m. The average slope is approx 19%. From Admonterhaus a hiking trail on the Grabnerstein to Grabneralm back, but which is not recommended because of the quite something schwierigereren climbing for children. The walk is much easier with the Mittagskogel 2.041m. Anyone who wants to enjoy an even better view, should go up as recorded on this hike 400m - 90 meters in the direction Mittagskogel to 1.816m. From this vantage point you then have a wonderful view of the Ennstal up with Grimming, Haller walls, Schladming Tauern, Dachstein, etc.

The Admonterhaus is part of the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) - Section Admont and is open depending on snow conditions from mid May to late October. Also 30 dormitories are available for an overnight stay.
There is also the possibility of a crossing from the Buchauersattel - Grabneralm House - Grabnertörl / Admonterhaus - Seeboden to Oberlaussa in Upper Austria.

The Grabneralm located in the town Weng in Gesäuse and is in the possession of the agricultural and forestry college Grabnerhof. Of the total 180 ha of protection forest Grabneralm are 25 ha, 55 ha of pasture, 27 acres not usable area and 73 hectares are unproductive. The altitude ranges from 1200m at the Grabneralm to Grabnerstein at 1848m. Annually spend about 30-40 heifers and steers, and about 30 sheep and young lambs during the summer from late June to late September at the Grabneralm. From the agricultural and forestry school Grabnerhof the path to Grabnerstein using 11 display boards to an informative pasture walking was transformed. Here we learn many interesting things about the house Grabneralm, test barn, animal husbandry, education data, forest, game, ancillary use, water, flora, and wildlife on the Grabneralm. The Grabneralm serves the agricultural and forestry school Grabnerhof for a modern pasture economic lessons. It's not just crops and livestock to the pastures, but also the direct marketing of the products on the mountain pastures and the appropriate marketing to the biological products the summer tourist appeal.

The school at Grabnerhof was purchased together with the Grabneralm by the State of Styria in 1901. From 1902 to 1905 the house and 2 cattle sheds were built. 1906 First pasture economic lessons on the Grabneralm. 1908 to 1910 development of the Grabneralm with a path. 1912 Construction of the 3rd Cowshed on the Grabneralm. 1913 construction of a cableway. 1914 to 1916 establishment of the Grabneralm house as schoolhouse. From 1946 Grabneralm house lease of the Public Holidays in the period. In addition to hikers and mountain bikers in summer also visit many ski tourers and snowshoers the Grabneralm, in winter - Grabneralm house is open on many weekends, too.

The rocks are one of the dominant elements in Gesäuse. On the mighty base of Ramsau dolomite is having a height of up to 800m Dachstein limestone. The dolomite weathers easily. The jagged rocks with the rubble at the foot of the mountains form the base of the mountains in the National Park Gesäuse. The light grey weathered Dachstein limestone however much slower. Through the strength of the Dachstein limestone and his rough surface it is ideal for climbing. The rocks in the National Park Gesäuse are also a favourite habitat of such birds: Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Owl and Raven. Under the tree line nesting: Grouse, Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch.

For the protection of nature you should not leave the paths and climbing routes and open up any new routes.

Do not throw away garbage.
Avoid unnecessary noise.
Do not crush or uproot plants.

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