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Dürrenschöberl Wandern Hiking auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 The mountain Dürrenschöberl (1.737m) is located in the northwestern part of the Eisenerzer Alps. There are four marked trails to the very easy to reach summit: Selzthal, Rottenmann, Ardning and Admont. Due to its relatively low height of the mountain tour is possible very early withour snow. In winter it can be safely mounted on touring skis or snowshoes, as almost to the top grow trees.

The inconspicuous mountain offers excellent views of the alps Niederer Tauern,  Ennstaler Alpen,  Eisenerzer Alps, Totes Gebirge, Gesäuse, Rottenmanner Tauern and the mountains Dachstein, Grimming, Warscheneck, Bosruck etc. The summit cross on Dürrenschöberl is 3m below the highest point and approximately 30m to the west, so you can see it easily from Liezen and Selzthal. At the highest point is explained, a 1m² floor plate where you’ll can see more details of the very good views.


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