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Hesshütte Wandern im Gesäuse auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The hut - Hesshütte is located in the beautiful Upper Styrian National Park Gesäuse on a high of 1.699m. The house was built in 1893 at the Ennsecksattel between the Gesäuse mountains Hochtor and Hochzinödl. The best start for families is the simpler path (route No: 601) at the inn Kölblwirt in Johnsbach at 878m. The walking time up to the Hess house is about 3 hours and down 2 to 2.5 hours. Since the trail is very rocky and good hiking boots are highly recommended. On the waterfall hiking tour from Gstatterboden in Gesäuse you take about 3.5 hours (secured somewhat more difficult climb) - to the Hesshütte. Approximately 5.5 hours is needed by the Hartelsgraben of Hieflau.

Especially the first 4 kilometers on the hike to the Hesshut with an average gradient of 17% was somewhat challenging. It's all up to the trail itself already provides constant variety. After a few hundred meters you past the great Wolfbauern-waterfall. After about 45min you reach the first Kodaboden. From the beautiful mountains of Hochtoralp there impress especially the Small and Large Ödstein 2.335m. The last 3 kilometers with about 190 altimeters are much easier. From the transition is also indicated for the first time with the mountains Hochzinödl 2.191m and Sulzkarhund1.822m (transition to Sulzkarsee and Sulzkaralm). About Hirschlacke (little lake), Stadlalm, Gamsbrunnen and the path at the foot of Zinödl is reached after 3 hours, the finish on the Hess hut. Several times a year, the Hess hut provided with supplies by a helicopter and therefore they can offer a very good and extensive kitchen. Especially liked us the beautiful view on Ennsecksattel, the sunny terrace and the very extensive and good quality of the Hess house. Who doesn't make any unnecessary noise when hiking to the Hess hut, have the chance to observe a number of animals. Thus we saw close a woodpecker, a buzzard and a rabbit.

The Hess hut is a Alpine Club hut and a very suitable base for hikes in the Hochtoralp in Gesäuse. Popular destinations around the Hochtor 2365 are: 2 hours walking time Hochzinödl 2.191m, Planspitze 2.114m - walking time 3 hours, Hochtor 2.365m - walking time 2.5 hours, Haindlkar - walking time 4.5 hours on the Peternpfad - (Difficulty Levels 1 to 2 ) Mödlingerhütte - walking time 5 hours, Ennstalerhütte - walking time 5.5 hours. In 1996, the Hess house substantially extended by a new building and now offer 40 beds, 75 mattresses and 10 winter camp - not locked. Managed is the Hess house from late May to late October.

The rocks are one of the dominant elements when you hiking in Gesäuse. On the mighty base of Ramsau dolomite is having a height of up to 800m Dachstein-limestone. The dolomite weathers easily. The jagged rocks with the rubble at the foot of the mountains form the base of the mountains in the National Park Gesäuse. The light grey weathered Dachstein-limestone however much slower. Through the strength of the Dachstein-limestone and his rough surface it is ideal for climbing. The rocks in the National Park Gesäuse are also a favourite habitat of such birds as e.g. Eagle, peregrine falcon, owl, Crag Martin, Raven and wall runners. Under the tree line nesting grouse, Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch.

We should never forget that we walk through a national park and therefore must comply with some rules.

For the protection of nature only hike and climb on the official tours and routes. 

Don't leave them and open any new hiking and climbing - routes.

Do not throw away garbage.

While hiking avoid unnecessary noise.

Do not crush or uproot plants. 

Tents and camps in the National Gesäuse is not allowed.

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