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 The legend path through the National Park Gesäuse from the "Weidendom" after Johnsbach and returns have a length of 11.7 km and only 160 vertical meters. Throughout the hike, there are many beautiful views and some romantic picnic areas near the little river - Johnsbach. The biggest attraction is designed for children of the new "Wild John". At just 1.6 km in the direction of Johnsbach was built in 2010, a total of 9 stations. On the teaching, play and adventure trail, there is a lot to discover, admire and a lot of fun. The adventure trail is accessible from May to October around the Clock. The interactive stations are broken down in the winter. Before or after the walk is a visit to the Willowdome, which is located just across from the inn "Bachbrücke", highly recommended.

The very easy hike begins at the Willowdome, or a few hundred meters in the direction to Hieflau by the second parking lot. Although in the close Johnsbach valley is not much space, the near leading road isn't disturbing. At the first 1.6 km was built in 2010, the new experience trail "Wild John". Around a legend of the giant John were built 9 interesting stations. On these the children and adults can learn in a playful manner, the nature and history of the Johnsbach. The giant John symbolizes the river Johnsbach. The torrent was built in the 1950s and 1960s for the protection of the road heavily. In the framework of Life project (completed in 2009), this defense works were taken back in part.

The first two stations are about the birth and childhood of the giant John. Who is still too small to read the legend of the wild John from the board, can hear the story on the built-in speakers. The second station is a very nice playground with a large sandbox (including toys), walking on stilts, giant swing, seesaw, obstacle course of rocks and a very interesting field, where the one wins, who can put the first 4 stones in a row.

At the 3rd Station, the task is the name and the alpine habitat of 6 animals from Austria to join with two electrodes. At the 4th Station is a small house with lots of information about the Johnsbach. At the 5th Station, you have to bring the ball past the holes to the finish. This symbolizes the perilous journey of the giant who goes looking for a wife. At the 6th Station will be explained in a playful way, the creation of a legend. Station 7 is called "John's Nightmare" and "Down Under". In the final stages of the you can help John to find a bride and free him from captivity of the greedy dwarves. This table was built with a huge king chair for about 20 people, is also ideal for a sociable snack. A few yards away, children can shoot with tennis balls on Dwarfs to rescue John.

Until then the path is suitable for a stroller with large tires. The adventure trail ends a few hundred meters after the Gseng in the newly constructed wooden bridge for pedestrians over the Johnsbach. By the end of Legend Trail in Johnsbach then there are about 4 km. Only after the short tunnel to the village up the road is slightly uphill. Once in Johnsbach you can comfortably stop at the restaurant "Gasthof zum Donner". Then you can either walk back the same way, or you can take the bus back to the starting point at the Willowdome in the National Park Gesäuse.

The rocks are one of the dominant elements when you hiking in Gesäuse. On the mighty base of Ramsau dolomite is having a height of up to 800m Dachstein-limestone. The dolomite weathers easily. The jagged rocks with the rubble at the foot of the mountains form the base of the mountains in the National Park Gesäuse. The light grey weathered Dachstein-limestone however much slower. Through the strength of the Dachstein-limestone and his rough surface it is ideal for climbing. The rocks in the National Park Gesäuse are also a favourite habitat of such birds as e.g. Eagle, peregrine falcon, owl, Crag Martin, Raven and wall runners. Under the tree line nesting grouse, Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch.

We should never forget that we walk through a national park and therefore must comply with some rules.

For the protection of nature only hike and climb on the official tours and routes. 

Don't leave them and open any new hiking and climbing - routes.

Do not throw away garbage.

While hiking avoid unnecessary noise.

Do not crush or uproot plants. 

Tents and camps in the National Gesäuse is not allowed.

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