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Immediately when you reach the village Johnsbach is on the right side is a parking lot. From this parking lot begins the 4.6 km long hiking trail Nr.608 to the hut Mödlingerhütte at 1523 Hm. The average slope is 17.5%! And the walking time from Johnsbach in Gesäuse to Mödlingerhütte is about 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Up to a height of ca.1300m you have no special viewpoints as the walking trail runs in the dense forest. Only then offers here and there a beautiful view into Johnsbach valley. On the Mödlinger hut you have for more then a better view. The trail is steep, rocky and on several times the water runs down along the trail. Therefore, sneakers are not enough and I recommend everyone to wear especially for the downhill good hiking shoes. The Mödlinger hut is built along the wide degree and offers some magnificent views into Johnsbach valley, Paltental and the mountain Admonter Reichenstein. There are always some climbers go to Admonter Reichenstein 2251Hm. If that not enough you can still walk the Oberst Klinke Hut. Duration 1.5 - 2 hours. trail Nr.608. Also the path to the Spielkogel Nr.673 at 1731m and Anhartskogel 1764m is very beautiful. From Anhartskogel would be a possible hike to Treglwang. Similarly, you can reach the Mödlinger hut of Treglwang about the Spielkogel and Anhartskogel.

The Mödlingerhütte is an alpine hut of the Austrian Alpine Association - Section of Mödling. Landscapes are particularly beautiful is the situation with the backdrop of Admonter Reichenstein and Ödstein. The Mödlingerhütte is on the Eisenerzer Treffneralm on 1523m in the Alps - Gaishorn / Liezen / Styria / Austria.
The easiest way to Mödlingerhütte is from Gaishorn. By car, it is possible to on the toll road until to the parking lot, about 1 km off the Mödlingerhütte. Then there are only about 15min to walk to the Mödlingerhütte. The mountain bike ride on the same toll road is only recommended for trained mountain bikers, but a very beautiful experience. By Johnsbach in Gesaeuse a hiking trail leads to the Mödlingerhütte. Even the Oberst Klinke hut - above the Kaiserau - keep a track in 1.5 to 2 hours to the Mödlingerhütte. For mountaineers and climbers, the classic routes on Sparafeld, Admonter Reichenstein and Totenköpfl are interesting.

The hut is owned by the ÖAV (Austrian Alpine Association) section of Mödling and was opened in 1914. From 1996 to 2008, the Mödlingerhütte was restored. The investments amounted to about 500,000 Euro. The Mödlingerhütte is open from mid May to late October. Each year, the Mödlingerhütte has about 4000 guests. The Mödlingerhütte offers mountain climbers and hikers of 57 mattresses and 14 beds for an overnight stay in a great, cosy, rustic atmosphere.

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