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Pürgschachner Moor - Wandern Ardning auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The Pürgschachen Moor in Ardning is one of the few still remaining completely natural bogs in Austria. Other raised bogs in the Ennsvalley have been from the mid-18th Century for the extraction of peat completely dismantled or are Enns regulation fallen victim. The peat was formerly used as fuel in blast furnaces. These were from the upper layer (up to 1.5 m) Peat bricks with a weight of 4-5 kg cut out from the peat and then dried for about 4 weeks. After drying the Peat bricks weighed only exceed 0,5 - 0,75 kg. With a small, 8-hp railway the Peat bricks were removed.

The 4.5 km-long path through the bog Pürgschachener Moor begins at the parking lot at the west entrance of Ardning. Admission is free and it required no parking fees. First you walk beside the road a few hundred meters to the east and then south on the Path towards to the Moor entry. At the first crossroads, go straight ahead and after 1.6 km you'll reach near the river Enns, the first highlights of these walking. The peat-tower and the Enns bridge. Only 400m away is the little Moor hill with the previously mentioned dragonfly pond of the most beautiful place for a longer break. A few feet further was also set up a toilet. Between 2.2 km and 3.7 km, the trail is with tree trunks and wood chips through the middle of the moor. On top of this gate lies the wooden Moor platform. In good weather you have, especially in the afternoon by the Moor platform a wonderful view to the mountains of the Gesäuse. After very interesting 4 km you are back and you go back 500m to the car park. The Pürgschachener Moor can also be reached along the green lines in the Google Map. Between the inn Pürgschachenerhof and the parking lot can be use with some regard for the cyclists to the bike path. A high profile is not required for these tour because there a no gradients.

On the by the Association Pürgschachener Moor established nature trail we found many interesting information on display boards about the: structure of the Pürgschachener Moor, history of Pürgschachener Moor, 8 berry species mowing experiment in collaboration with the Federal Institute for Alpine Agriculture in Gumpenstein (at Irdning - District Liezen), wildlife peat, sundew, The Enns and their species, dragonfly pond and the dragonfly species, peat mosses, birds around the moor.

Out of respect to treat the animals in the reserve and to the other visitors, please make not any unnecessary noise, not leaving the Moor path and leave any litter.

In the center of the village Ardning there with the inns "Dorfwirt" and "Karin Treff" two good restaurants, and just near the Pürgschachener Moor is the inn Pürgschachenerhof. Who has time should look 2 km further to east towards the sanctuary Frauenberg with the beautiful garden. Even the natural pool of Ardning is located in Frauenberg.

On the nature trail at the edge of the 50-hectare nature reserve Pürgschachner Moor, one can see rare plants and animals. 17 dragonfly species, 350 butterfly species and several rare species of birds live in the Pürgschachner Moor. The carnivorous sundew is also included in the arms of the municipality Ardning. Looked like a large area filled with red, yellow, brown mosses, herbs give an idea of heather and cotton grass as the landscape in the Ennstal in the Middle Ages before the regulation of the river Enns must have. The term has nothing to do with moorland above the sea level, but, that bulge the peat layers a few meters into the air (as in a spectacle glass) and lose the contact to the groundwater. The curvature in Pürgschachener Moor is 5-7m and the peat layers, which have formed since the end of the last ice age reached a strength of up to 7m. Under the moor seals primeval sound from the underground.

Directions: The Pürgschachener Moor is easy to reach on the highway Pyhrnautobahn A9 - exit Ardning and then a few kilometers on the B146 east toward Admont.



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