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Tamischbachturm Ennstalerhütte auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The beautiful mountain hike in the National park Gesäuse to the 2.035m high Tamischbachturm begins at the parking by the National park pavilion in Gstatterboden 570m. On the 17 km, there are many good vantage points, beautiful pastures, the Ennstalerhütte ( nice hut ) and on top of Tamischbachturm one has a magnificent view. In the east beginning Hochschwab, many beautiful mountains in the National Park Gesäuse, the Dachstein glacier, some peaks in the Schladminger Tauern, Totes Gebirge, Haller Mauern and in the distance you can see also the Grossglockner. In addition to good physical condition are good shoes and plenty of food for the trip necessary. On the very well-marked trails, there are not so much places where one has to climb over large rocks.

From the parking in Gstatterboden follow the paths 648 and 608 first to the Ennstaler hut and then to the peak of Tamischbachturm on 2.035m. On the first few miles the trail crosses twice a forest road and through a small ravine, it you walk once again a few meters downhill. Past the Gstatterbodenbauer the trail leads 3,3 km on a forest. By thee pasture Hörantalm on 930m you'll have the first good vantage point and a first opportunity for a short breather. Before the base station of the cable car to Ennstalerhütte, turn left up into the forest. After the station "Butterbründl" there are approximately on an altitude of 1.400m at Km 6, a 400m long flat section. At a high of 1.500 m you reach a crossroads. Climbers turn here to the left towards Tieflimauer and the two paths form Erb and Großreifling meet here with the trail from Gstatterboden to the Ennstaler hut. From there you'll walk for about 10 minutes to the Ennstaler hut. The Ennstaler hut offers a very good service (very good schnapps) a very sunny terrace with wonderful mountain views and 50 people can spend the night. The walk to Ennstaler hut takes around 2.5 hours.

From the Ennstaler hut follow the trail No. 648 over 490 altimeters without any particular difficulty to the peak of Tamischbachturm. This section of the tour will be provided with a walking time of 1.5 hours and the last 2 km before the summit have an average gradient of around 23%. In the east beginning Hochschwab, many beautiful mountains in the National Park Gesäuse, the Dachstein glacier, some peaks in the Schladminger Tauern, Totes Gebirge, Haller Mauern and in the distance you can see also the Grossglockner. The villages at the foot of Tamischbachturm Großreifling, Hieflau and Gstatterboden can be identified from the top very well.

For the descent from Tamischbachturm back to Gstatterboden there are 3 possibilities. First, of course you can go back the same trail. The second variant takes us on the same route back to the Ennstaler hut, then (shown in red in Google Map) at the beginning directly by the hut to the not managed pastures Hochscheibenalm and then on the forest roads to Gstatterboden. A little challenge is the 40% steep, narrow trail from the summit of the Tamischbachturm down to Hochscheibenalm. On the landscape also very beautiful located Hochscheibenalm you'll reach Gstatterboden after a 6-kilometer trek over beautiful forest trails.

The hike and bike variant begins after the Hochscheibenalm MTB tour. When, unfortunately, uncultivated pasture were specially wooden, typical national park bike racks installed. After that you walk either on the Ennstaler hut, or a few hundred meters to the east beginning of the 40% steep path to the Tamischbachturm summit.

The rocks are one of the dominant elements when you hiking in Gesäuse. On the mighty base of Ramsau dolomite is having a height of up to 800m Dachstein-limestone. The dolomite weathers easily. The jagged rocks with the rubble at the foot of the mountains form the base of the mountains in the National Park Gesäuse. The light grey weathered Dachstein-limestone however much slower. Through the strength of the Dachstein-limestone and his rough surface it is ideal for climbing. The rocks in the National Park Gesäuse are also a favourite habitat of such birds as e.g. Eagle, peregrine falcon, owl, Crag Martin, Raven and wall runners. Under the tree line nesting grouse, Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch. 

We should never forget that we walk through a national park and therefore must comply with some rules.

For the protection of nature only hike and climb on the official tours and routes. 

Don't leave them and open any new hiking and climbing - routes.

Do not throw away garbage.

While hiking avoid unnecessary noise.

Do not crush or uproot plants. 

Tents and camps in the National Gesäuse is not allowed.

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