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Wandern Hengstpass Wasserklotz Astein auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The easy hike to the 1.505m high mountain - Wasserklotz starts at the hut - Zickerreith (Hengstpass). The good vantage point in the southern part of the mountains - Reichraminger Hintergebirge offers a good panoramic view of more than 50 two-thousand meters high mountains. Until the point – Ahornsattel you’ll go on a dirt road and then up to the summit at a slightly steeper trail through the woods. Only on the last part a little crush resistance is necessary. In summer the huts - Hanslalm and at the starting point Zickerreith are the two well managed huts on this nice hike. In winter is the Wasserklotz also a very worthwhile destination for a ski or snowshoe tour.

Of the hut - Zickerreith on  a high of 985m, directly located at the starting point at the parking lot on Hengstpass, we go a kilometer on the trail No.40 to the pasture - Kreuzau. Through the forest we reach after 2.6 km the pasture - Dörflmoaralm. From here we see not only both tour destinations (Wasserklotz und Astein), but we have also a wonderful view towards Hinterstoder and the mountains – Totes Gebirge. We turn right and follow the trail No.475 first 50m up and then a little down to the passage - Ahornsattel. This is the end of the dirt road and on the marked hiking trail we hike up, in serpentines near a channel, 800m the summit. There are some steep steps require slip resistance. At the top we can enjoy first the wonderful view and then we take on the not-too-wide summit area a pleasant break.

The marked hiking trail takes us to the other side of the Wasserklotz on the ridge 200m far down to 1455m. Here we have opted for the 1.5 km long and with additional 90 vertical meters detour along the crest to the 1.419m high mountain Astein. The rest of the descent back to the Ahornsattel is like the rise 34% steep and a bit slippery when wet. From Ahornsattel we return to the pasture - Dörflmoaralm and the managed hut -  Hanslalm. The managed Hanslalm with its wonderful views is just 250m next to our trail. After the break we walk comfortably the remaining 2.8 km down to Hengstpass.

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