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 The Mountain Tour Stubwieswipfel 1.786m and Rote Wand 1.872m in the nature reserve Warscheneck is 13.2 km long and has very interesting 1.006 vertical meters. The pasture Wurzeralm is a 275-acre plateau in the southwestern part of the community Spital am Phyrn - Upper Austria. At the beginning of the tour you take the funicular and in a few minutes you’ll be on the mountain station at an altitude of 1.430m.

At the top we hike first on the dirt road in a northeasterly direction down to the Teichlboden and the hut - Filzmoosalm. After 1.3 km at the information we turn right and on the market trail Nr.218 weil we walk uphill towards the saddle - Halssattel. After 2.1 km and at an altitude of about 1.500m, we take the hiking trail Nr.218F up to the mountain - Stubwieswipfel. Further up the hiking trail will be a little narrower and after a few meters through Laces terrain we reach the summit. As the mountain drops down sharply on the southwest side 250m you must be extra careful on the children. On the mountain Stubwieswipfel you have a very good view over the Wurzeralm the meanders of the stream Teichlbach and the mountains Warscheneck and Wurzerkampl.

After the break we walk the same trail back to the dirt road and then 110 vertical meters up to the saddle – Halssattel 1.610m. Towards the hut – Dümlerhütte first the trail fall down easy until 1.429m and then we walk up through the larch forest. After 7 kilometers is the hut Dümlerhütte at a high of 1.496m. The hut is on the pasture - Stofferalm at the northeastern part of the nature reserve – Warscheneck. After a relaxing break on the sunny terrace with beautiful views we follow the moderate trail No. 293 up to the next mountain – Rote Wand. First, through the woods and then a little more uphill through dwarf alpine rock terrain we reach the saddle – Rote Wand Sattel after 9 kilometers. From the saddle, leads a small climb in about 10-15min left up to the summit at 1.872m. Magnificent views west to the mountains Ramesch and Warscheneck, Großer Pyhrgas, Bosruck, Rottenmanner Tauern and Gesäuse.

Back on the saddle we have to hike up a few meters towards the ridge - Seeleithen and then left down on the trail through the section - Brunnsteiner Kar, which is pretty steep and has some rocky parts. Now if you look back towards the summit – Rote Wand you’ll know why the mountain has just received this name. After 11 km, we reach the small, idyllic lake – Brunnsteiner See. The small lake is home to endangered newts and salamanders. The last two kilometers we go slightly above the Teichlboden on the gravel road back to the alpine hotel – Linzerhaus, or to the mountain station - Wurzeralm. Who goes rather steeply uphill than downhill you should hike this tour in the opposite direction.

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