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Bosruckhuette Karleck Rohrauerhaus Wandern auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The hike from the hut – Bosruckhütte to the pass transition - Arlingsattel and then around the mountain Karleck has only one short, steep descent from the Arlingsattel down to the pasture - Ardningalm. Otherwise there are no difficult sections. From the Bosruckhütte we walk over the Arlingsattel to the Ardningalm in Styria. About the second pass transition - Pyhrgasgatterl and the managed hut - Rohrauerhaus we hike back to Upper Austria and back to the Bosruckhütte.

Between the indoor swimming pool and center in the community Spital am Pyhrn begins the 5-kilometer-long road on which we drive up past the gorge - Dr. Vogelgesang Klamm to the parking lot, 200m in front of the Bosruckhütte. The cabin of the Austrian Alpine Association - Section Spital am Pyhrn is on a high of 1.042m and was built in the year 1942. Because the Bosruckhütte also offers overnight stays, it is an ideal starting point for many hikes in the area of ​​the mountains – Haller Mauern. For example you can hike the wonderful mountain tours: Großer Pyhrgas, Scheiblingstein and the 3 cabins hike.

At the beginning of the Karleck round we walk leisurely on an about 10% steep gravel road. After 900m you will have the choice to turn right and hike still on the gravel road or to go straight ahead and hike on a nice trail to the crossing point “Schachen”. In Schachen after 1.3 kilometers we meet again the gravel road and turn right towards “Arlingsattel”. On the next two kilometers we are hiking past the huts “Arlingalmen” to the pass transition “Arlingsattel”. At the Arlingalmen end the forest road and the remaining 500m we walk on the hiking trail Nr.613. On the Arlingsattel we have magnificent views to Styria and Upper Austria. Arriving in Styria, we go on the 31% steep hiking trail down to the saddle crossing at kilometer 4.

Now we turn left and walk along the gravel road about a kilometer uphill. Then the road past the unmanaged Bacheralm is slightly sloping. After 7.2 kilometers and at an altitude of about 1,250 m you turn left onto a path that leads you through the second pass transition “Pyhrgasgatterl” 1.328m directly to the hut – “Rohrauerhaus” 1.308m.  The Rohrauerhaus is on the base of the 2.244m high mountain “Großer Pyhrgas”. After a longer break we walk the remaining 2.5 km comfortably on the dirt road back down to Bosruckhütte.

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