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Winterwanderwege Österreich winter hiking trails auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 In the winter there are also many wonderful hiking trails in Austria. The special attraction is a winter walk through the gently contoured landscape with the fabulous light and shadow. Mostly you’ll find the groomed hiking trails in the Austrian ski resorts. Many are beginning in the valley and end mostly at a cozy ski lodge or shelter. Some winter hiking trails lead you up to an easily accessible summit with wonderful views. You can often see on the top of the snow areas, ice crystals they sparkle in the sun like diamonds. In winter it is very quiet in the mountains, which leads to an almost meditative mood. A very good opportunity for good conversations with your partner. Hiking is a very risk-free, healthy sport. Without major investment in the equipment, the body is enlivened by more fitness and strengthen the immune system. The wonderful experiences have a positive effect on emotional well-being.

For the winter walk put on only hiking boots with a good sole. The stiffer the better. Then you have even on ice and snow a good grip. Apart from a certain breathability, it is especially important that the shoes are waterproof. So you do not get cold feet. Even the right socks are very important. Never pure cotton socks, but special mountain or hiking socks with a mixed fabric or wool dress. Especially on longer trips, you should pack a second pair of socks.

The clothing should be in accordance with the onion skin principle of multiple layers. The underwear should be breathable. Never wear cotton shirts and jeans, because once wet, they dry very slowly. With damp clothes you’ll quickly feeling cold. During the climb up you wear a fleece pullover and a windproof, breathable jacket with a hood suffice. Best you’ll take a second hood, mittens, scarf, fleece sweater and socks.

Furthermore, you should pack a small snack, hot drink in a thermos, headlamp, sunscreen, cell phone, some cash, camera, small first aid kit and a walking map. The trail map is also recommended if you have previously saved the tour on your GPS device.

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