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Hofalmen Winter Wandern Weg Filzmoos auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The Winter Hiking Trail Hofalmen in Filzmoos is 9.1 km long and is located between the toll station and the 185m higher huts - Oberhofalm, or Unterhofalm. The toll road is closed from early December to late March and only passable for local taxis and horse-drawn sleigh. It’s a beautiful, idyllic trail in Salzburg with stunning views to the mountains Bischofsmütze, Gosaukamm and Torstein.

The starting point for this winter hike is located at the parking lot before the toll station. You reach them from the roundabout in Filzmoos when you drive with the car 1.2 km to the north. From the toll station away we go first on the right side of the valley on the road – Leopichl past a few houses and then turn left after about 600 meters to a groomed winter hiking path. On fields and cleared paths we walk cozy mostly through the woods. After 3.5 km, one decides either for the hut Oberhofalm, or Unterhofalm. The way to the hut - Unterhofalm is drawn as a purple line in the Google Map. On the last kilometer before the huts you’ll have the best views of the beautiful mountains. Along the toll road we go back after the break on the idyllic Oberhofalm or Unterhofalm to the starting point.

The Oberhofalm was built in the year 1665, and is situated as the nearby Unterhofalm at the end of the valley Hofalm. The rustic lodge offers about 100 seats, down-home cooking, farming specialties and homemade desserts. The Unterhofalm was built in 1776 and is also a unique hut. Just as the winter hiking trail are the sleigh rides and the torchlight walking tours in December of the Unterhofalm and Oberhofalm to the nearby lake -  Almsee a highly recommended experience.

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