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 Since I performing my hobby regularly for several years and I am also already driven many long trips, my tips are especially for those who want to take their first cycling and mountain bike tours. There are certainly many among who ride more bike and mountain bike kilometers a year than I did. Therefore I will take some tips from you on my homepage. I'm sure I can still learn a lot of you and I am happy about every email from you.

I have the times in which the cycling and mountain bike tours have to cope not specified because this is very individual. You can calculate on my data the length of a tour.
For this you shall know how many kilometers and altimeters you can perform per hour in a workout or race. My performance is e.g. 600-900 vertical meters and 25-35 km per hour.
I am constantly looking for new routes for my cycling, mountain biking, hiking, cross country ski trails and toboggan runs. It is therefore worthwhile to visit my site regularly.

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