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The bike tour around the Dead mountains of Upper Styria and Upper Austria have no slope above 1.000m sea level, but the small gradients have also 2.144m. Due to the length of 206 kilometers, it is clearly assessed for amateur rider with the degree of difficulty of 5 +. In return for the entire effort, the cyclists will find a variety of attractions. E.g. Grimming, Ausseerland, Heritage Region Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Bad Ischl, Traunsee, Gmunden and the views of the mountains of the Limestone Alps National Parks.

The recording of "Dead mountain bike tour" begins at the parking lot of the sports and tennis hall in Liezen. Along the Ennstalradweg the cycling leads to the Ennsbrücke and then straight on to the provincial road. A few hundred meters further at the sawmill, turn right towards Aigen im Ennstal. By Irdning one has a very good view of the most imposing mountain in Ennstal - the Grimming.

The mountain "Grimming" is an isolated massif of Dachstein lime, and towers above the Enns valley with about 1700m. At the castle Trautenfels you cross the main road. Even before the junction with the main road, you should switch to the bike path on the left side of the road, as this will continue even after the crossing as the Salzkammergut - bike path. Two kilometers further to the small town Untergrimming begins the "Old Klachau. This gradient in two steps as a single track road well paved. But you should still be careful because the road can be polluted by woodwork. The first ascent of the "Old Klachau has to prepare for the first few hundred meters, a 20% incline, then flatten slightly and in the following short flat section, one can return to the final with 15% also very steep second stage. After the village Tauplitz the Salzkammergut Cycle Path runs right past the Kulm (largest natural ski flying hill). In Krungl you have a small slope with about 50Hm and then you reach Bad Mitterndorf. Between Bad Mitterndorf and Bad Aussee, there are 2 short challenging climbs.

The Salzkammergut Cycling Trail between Trautenfels and Obersdorf near Bad Mitterndorf is used only by a few tractors and some residents. From Radlingpass you can see the Loser (another very interesting mountain in Ausseerland) and through the hamlets Gschlößl, Anger and Reith you drive about 200 meters straight down to Bad Aussee. The Koppenpass starts at the southern city limits of Bad Aussee. After a short climb, followed a few flat kilometers. After a downhill with a max. 23% you reach Obertraun by the lake Hallstatt. Among the places in Upper Austria Obertraun and Hallstatt it does best on the bike path. The main through-road of Hallstatt is closed to cars. Because of the fascinating beauty of Hallstatt and also because of the many tourists walking around take your time and go slowly.

Even in Bad Goisern, Bad Ischl, Ebensee Gmunden, you should choose the cross-town. Also, the time is not enough to discover the beautiful places to visit extensively, as the amateur racing cyclist, the bike ride around the Dead Mountains hardly ever can finish in one day, you get a lasting impression. Visit the beautiful places in the Salzkammergut region just to the regeneration of days.

Between Bad Ischl and Gmunden was built up along the busy road a beautiful and wide bike path. In this part of the "Dead mountain bike ride" along the Traun River and adjacent to the Traunsee the road is slightly sloping. In Gmunden has been reached shortly after the mid-term this bike tour in the Salzkammergut region the lowest point with 424m. Because of the scenic beauty of Lake Traun an extensive break is very worthwhile.

One should not eat too much, are there for the next 25 kilometers of Gmunden on Scharnstein and the Ziehberg up to handle more than 400 meters. Since the Ziehberg offers little shady sections one must take particular care that you drink regularly while cycling and also the stocks already refilling in Gmunden. The Ziehberg is not steep (1-5%). Something other hand, is already the rapid descent to Micheldorf. Between Micheldorf, Klaus, S. Pankratz and Windischgarsten to Spital am Pyhrn there are 4 small inclines of about 50 to 100 meters. In any case, you should not pass Windischgarsten, but drive through the beautiful town in Upper Austria. Who is tired, should take a refreshing break, than a few miles away in Spital am Pyhrn begins the Pyhrnpass. That is not very high but with gradients of 10-15% is the Pyhrnpass very steep.

The last kilometer of the "Dead mountain bike tour" consisting of the descent to Liezen. Liezen's district capital of the district in Upper Styria and most popular shopping town in the region im Ennstal. Liezen is a starting point for this beautiful bike tour around the Dead Mountains and therefore ideal because the sun is almost always in the back is so easy and the prospect is a lot better. Cycling friends from farther away should not go home on the same day because of the increased risk of accidents through the fatigue. There are a few bicycle-friendly establishments in Liezen.

The Dead Mountains are in the eastern Alps and belongs to the northern limestone alps. The 1.130km² divided to districts Liezen, Gmunden and Kirchdorf an der Krems on in the two provinces of Styria and Upper Austria. The plateau of the Dead Mountains themselves divided into Priel, Warscheneck, and Schoenberg group. In the largest karst area in Europe, the water drained very quickly and therefore the area is barren. Dachstein limestone and dolomite are the two most common types of rock in the Dead Mountains. The Dead mountain is also known for its about 600 caves and wells. The Schoenberg-cave system is with 125 kilometers and a depth of 1070m, the longest cave. The highest mountain in the Dead Mountains is the "Große Priel with 2.515m. The most famous lakes in the Dead Mountains are: Altausseer Lake, Grundlsee, Offensee, Almsee, Ödsee, Elmsee, Schwarzensee, Steirersee, Lahngangseen and Wildensee. Besides the well known ski resorts Loser, Tauplitzalm, Hinterstoder and Wurzeralm the Dead Mountains in winter offers a great many ski tours, tobogganing, cross-country trails and lovely, romantic villages in winter dress. In the summer coming, many mountain bikers, cyclists, hikers, mountaineers, climbers, paragliders and recreation seekers to the area of the Dead Mountains.

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