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The bike tour Pöllau north in eastern Styria is a moderate bike ride with 2 passes. The 520 meters of altitude on the Schloffereck divided across 10 kilometers. Only the first 3 km from Gschaid at Birkfeld on Gschaid are somewhat strenuous, with an average of 6.4% slope. There are along the northern Pöllau bike tour many places with good vantage points. All roads are two lanes and expanded in a good condition.

The bike tour begins at the northern Pöllautal P + R parking Pöllau near the roundabout. The first section runs from Pöllau (421m) on Köppel Reith on the 941m high elevation Schloffereck. The average slope in the increase of almost 10 kilometers long on the Pöllau Schloffereck is 5 percent. From Schloffereck up at Gschaid Birkfeld are then 9 kilometers with an average gradient of 4%. The best views we had in Miesenbach at Birkfeld because of Ausseregg to Gschaid Birkfeld you drive a few km through a narrow valley with many curves. Is obtained after 18.5 kilometers in Gschaid Birkfeld. Those who have time should also make sure a little trip up into the beautiful market town Birkfeld. By Gschaid at Birkfeld after Birkfeld up is approximately 60 altimeter.

About Gschaid the bike tour leads us Pöllau North, then subsequently returned to the starting point in Pöllau. In the first 3 kilometers, the average gradient of 6.5% and is followed by another 3 kilometers, while showing no major climbs. Overall, from Gschaid at Birkfeld to Pöllau 231 meters to overcome. At the beginning of the climb to the Gschaid there is still a very nice view of Birkfeld and then, descending a good look into Pöllauertal. After 34 kilometers you reach again the starting point in Pöllau.

A longer break during the bike tour Pöllau North is optimal in Birkfeld. After the bike tour is the very quiet square in Pöllau next to the beautiful collegiate and parish church of St. Vitus a good tip.


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