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Of Bruck an der Glocknerstraße the first 10 km on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road are still very shallow. Immediately after Fusch an der Glocknerstraße the remaining 17 km to begin with gradients of up to 12%. And after 14 turns to reach the Fuschertörl at 2430m. The best opportunity for a bike ride on the Fuschertörl is every year on the first weekend in June with the Glocknerkönig bicycle race for everyone.

On this day, the Grossglockner Road is closed from the toll station to Ferleiten Fuschertörl for motor vehicle traffic. Without car exhaust and with thousands of like-minded cycling fans, the bike tour Fuschertörl is one of the unique and best-organized events in austria. Only the weather should be very careful, because if it's raining down here, then it snows up very often.

And a bike ride on snow to the Fuschertörl is not all pleasure. There is also a transport service for the clothing and after the race, there is a delicious "Kaiserschmarrn". If you still feel fit can then further go to Hochtor and Edelweißspitze. The Tour to Fuschertörl, and Hochtor Edelweißspitze has 71 km and 2284Hm. But you should always keep an eye on the weather, because it can be very easy to see that the weather up there very fast turns. So pack a windproof Jackets, long cycling shorts, cycling gloves and a long fresh jersey, so you are not caught cold on the descent. Even on very hot days, it has at the top of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is not much more than about 10-15 degrees.

The Grossglockner Road is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Austria. It begins in Bruck Glocknerstraße - Austrian province of Salzburg and ends after 48 km and 36 turns in Heiligenblut - Austrian province of Carinthia. In between the toll road passes trough all vegetation zones in the Alps. From the beginning beautiful valley near Zell am See, is the species-rich meadows to pass it over the tree line only rock there and you have after just 30 km a magnificent view of the highest glacier area of the Hohe Tauern mountains in Austria . For example, the Grossglockner with 3798m the highest mountain in Austria.

People make use of the pass near the Großglockner over the Hochtor since about 2000 BC. This is supported by many finds from the time of the Celts and Romans. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road was opened in 1935 after a construction period of 5 years. Today, more than 900,000 people a year visit the famous Grossglockner alpine road in Austria.

The first 10 km on the Salzburg side of Bruck an der Glocknerstraße at 767m, are flat until shortly after Fusch on the Glockner Road (805m). In the second section with 17 km (up to 12 percent slope) you go by bike to Fuschertörl up to 2430m. The highest point on the Grossglockner High Alpine road with 2571m, you can reach on the Edelweissspitze. The narrow paved road begins at the restaurant Fuschertörl 2410M and ends after 1.6 km on the Edelweissspitze at a large parking lot.

The Edelweißspitze offers the best view of the Salzburg part of the Glockner Road. On the Edelweißspitze there is a small information center and "Edelweißhütte" - one of the highest restaurant in the alps. Back on the Fuschertörl you drive on the Grossglockner High Alpine road about 2 km down to the Fuscherlacke and then 4 km uphill to Hochtor at 2510m. With a 311m long tunnel you can get to the Carinthian side of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. After a short descent, you can still go up to the "Franz-Josefs-Höhe" at 2369m. There is a great view of the Grossglockner and the Glacier - the "Pasterze". Heiligenblut in Carinthia can be reached at Km 48, after the short climb to the Kasereck with about 60 meters.

Along the Grossglockner High Alpine road, there are several exhibitions and themed playgrounds for children. You learn a lot about the Alpine Ecology in Alpine Nature Show Museum, a historical example of the information show in Piffkar a raptor Observatory exist between Fuschertörl and Fuscherlacke and even the flowers in the Glockner is devoted to an exhibition on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The biggest and some multi-media exhibition is on display at the Visitor Center at the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. At about 1000m² and with free admission are a lot of information about Grossglockner, glacier, rock and ice. The drive over the Grossglockner Road is such an exciting, instructive and exciting, one-day excursion.

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