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At the beginning of the beautiful Gesäuse cycling tour through the National Park Gesäuse you drive from the district capital Liezen 20 kilometers further east to Admont. The communities in the national park are surrounded by the Mountains "Buchstein", "Haller Mauern" and "Gesäuseeingang". In this section of the bike tour Gesaeuse there are only a few small climbs.

Three kilometers after the start in Liezen you'll have the opportunity to cycle on the Enns bike path until "Frauenberg". The beautiful place of pilgrimage "Frauenberg" is one kilometers after Ardning. And who does not hesitate for a few altimeters, can make an interesting brake at the beautiful sanctuary. In any case, the imposing sanctuary with the beautiful mountains in the background is a very popular view point and an opportunity for a nice photo. 

We continue the bicycle tour fom Admont to St. Gallen. The first few kilometers are very flat. In "Weng im Gesäuse" the slope begins up to Buchauer saddle. The first easy pass on the Gesäuse bike tour has a length of approximately 3 kilometers and 213 vertical meters. During the ascent to the saddle look back to the beautiful Admonter basin. The descent from the Buchauer saddle to St. Gallen in Styria (-350m) has a couple of tight courves that can not be driven at full risk. Of interest is the ruins "Gallenstein" in St. Gallen, because of the regular cultural events. The market town of St. Gallen belongs to the National Park Gesäuse and the styrian nature park "Steirische Eisenwurzen".

In the third section of the Gesäuse bike tour you'll drive up on the Erbsattel (161 altimeters) and then to Hieflau. The last 2 kilometers up are medium challenging. After the 6-kilometer long descent to Großreifling follows again a small climb up to Kirchenlandl. Even shortly before Hieflau there is a short climb on the Gesaeuse bike tour. By Hieflau back to the starting point of the bicycle tour Gesäuse in Liezen there is no long slope, but many small hills with 10 to 50 vertical meters. The journey through Gesäuse has a very beautifully landscape. The road lead directly through the National Park Gesäuse. Through the Gesäuse to Admont there are some parking spaces for hikers, or those who simply want to take a break and learn about the wonderful nature.

The Gesäuse bike tour is more difficult if you drive not directly from Admont to Liezen, but over the Kaiserau to Trieben and then to Liezen. If you're travelling with a mountain bike you can take in Hieflau the marked mountain bike tour in the National Park Gesäuse "Hochscheibenalm MTB Tour" to Gstatterboden.

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