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GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 81794

When you start the bike ride Plabutsch around Graz in Gösting, is the first milestone little lake Thalersee. This you’ll reach after 5 km on the bike path R39, or if you want to avoid with your road bike the short dirt tracks on road that leads parallel. The average gradient is only slightly over one percent. After the first break at the Café Restaurant Thalersee we will continue on the bike tour to the junction with the L301 at Km 7.2. (This does not turn after 6.5 km on the road “Hardter Straße”, but go along the uphill left-hand bend.) Whoever turns left onto the L301 cuts off the bike tour and goes down into the Graz District Wetzelsdorf (green line in the Google Map).

In the long version, it goes up another 8 altimeters to the right and after another 1.2 km left onto the L383. 300m further we take the road “Mantschastraße” and follow it to below the “Buchkogel” and then down to Graz - Straßgang. Who wants to have a good view of Graz still makes up a quick trip to the hill “Buchkogel” (orange line in the Google Map).

At the castle of St. Martin, we drive past on the bike ride around the Plabutsch in the west of Graz back again into the north to the starting point in Gösting. It goes on nice streets without excessive volume of traffic through the districts Straßgang, Wetzelsdorf, Eggenberg and Gösting. In Eggenberg you could visit the Castle Eggenberg, that’s near this beautiful bike ride in Graz. You also might begin this beautiful round in Straßgang and cycle in the other direction.

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