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The Hengstpass bike tour is almost identical to the Selzthaler Cycling Marathon. On the long distance ride, depending on the weather, only about 50 to 150 cyclists. This makes it very difficult to find a suitable group. 4 kilometers after the start in Selzthal on the slope up to Lassing there is already the first selection of the field. The upward slope is only 100 vertical meters, but more than 10%. If you want to ride in front, one must necessarily go to the start warming up, so you can fully match the pace on this pitch. The Pyhrnpass is not difficult and from Windischgarsten starts the most scenic part of the bike tour between the Limestone Alps National Park and Gesäuse.

By Windischgarsten on Hengstpass the height difference is 409m. At the stallion Pass (1010m), there is then the first refreshment station at Selzthaler Cycling Marathon. On the descent from the Hengstpass to Unterlaussa there are some sharp bends. So if you do not ride to the victory you should drive carefully. The short climb to St. Gallen and the Erbsattel with 161Hm should be no problem. In Gesaeuse is the second refreshment station at Selzthaler Cycling Marathon. Until Kaiserau you should absolutely have a look for the landscape. Finally, this part of the bike tour past the Limestone Alps National Park and protected landscape Eisenwurzen, and by the National Park Gesäuse.

The increase in the Kaiserau is 7 kilometers long with 470 meters of altitude. It is important that you look at the power divides good, because the Kaiserau is the hardest part of the Hengstpass bike tour with some steep sections.

Who wants to ride this bike ride away from Selzthaler cycling marathon, so he has more of the wonderful landscape that can make it a little easier if he leaves out the Kaiserau. Just do not turn in Admont at the post office to the left over the railway crossing on the Kaiserau, but on the back straight on Ennstalradweg Ardning to Liezen on Selzthal. The area around the National Gesaeuse in Styria is not only perfect for a cycling holiday, but also for many wonderful hikes.

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