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The Kaiserau bike tour at Admont - Liezen - the province of Styria - Austria, is 60 kilometers long and takes you from Liezen - to Admont - on Kaiserau (1098Hm) - Trieben - Rottenmann - Lassing and again to Liezen.

After the city Liezen you drive about 3km on the B146 to Admont - up on the right side is a bike lane. It is not a very good bike path - to narrow curves for the ambitious racing driver. But the road is not wide enough so that trucks can easily overtake. And if a truck is only a few feet behind you that's not even funny. Why still use the bike lane. In the village "Frauenberg" the bike tour Kaiserau crosses the Enns valley, and then continues on a small road to Admont.

The increase Kaiserau has normal gradients of about 10%. Only 300 are at 20%. It is easier to drive from Trieben to the Kaiserau. The plateau is situated at 1.100m Kaiserau between Admont and Trieben. On the Kaiserau there are in the summer very beautiful hiking tours, mountain bike tours and bike tours. In winter, including the rich offer - winter hiking, skiing, cross country skiing and tobogganing. A topper for a peaceful, relaxing holiday in Austria.

After the 7 kilometers long descent from the Kaiserau down to Trieben, you're going to Rottenmann and then after Versbichl. The ascent to the Mitterberg done in 2 stages. The first pitch has 100 Altimeter and a 10% slope. Before the climb starts rather light to the Mitterberghütte, you can relax at Altlassing by a few kilometers. By the Mitterberghütte we have a particularly good view of the Enns Valley and the Grimming. The departure is steep and uneven - beware!

This bike trip in Upper Styria has 958 vertical meters. Without Mitterberg at the end of Kaiserau bike tour is 700 vertical meters.

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