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The Neusiedlersee cycling marathon runs through the nature reserve and mostly scenic, unique, beautiful area around Lake Neusiedl. In Hungary, are small villages on the outskirts of Fertő Hanság Nemzeti National Park. In Austria, one runs the cycling marathon between Pamhagen, Apetlon, Illmitz Podersdorf, and Apetlon near and even a few kilometers through the national park Neusiedlersee Seewinkel.

Since the Neusiedlersee cycling marathon was organized for 18 times, was the whole day perfectly organized, and there was also a very friendly atmosphere. Because of this very special promotion for cycling and the overall tourism offer in the whole region around Lake Neusiedl, many cyclists will certainly come away from the Neusiedlersee cycling marathon several times for cycling in the beautiful Lake Neusiedl. Since approximately 40 kilometers of lead Cycling Marathon on Hungarian territory, is prescribed by the organizers to bring along a passport.

Height differences add up to the 125 kilometers of the Lake Neusiedl bike marathon to just 656 Hm. Immediately after the start in Mörbisch lake and before the border crossing at Klingenbach are located on the first 12 kilometers, the two biggest climbs by 97 and 119 meters of altitude. At the border crossing you get with 277m the highest point in the Neusiedlersee cycling marathon. By Klingenbach to the finish in Mörbisch  are still some small, but not strenuous climbs between about 10 and 40 meters.

In addition to the slopes is on the circuit around the largest lake in Austria also note the wind. Because after the first 25 miles along the roads, there are no more trees or other windbreak. At the 18th Neusiedlersee bike marathon came the winds - averaging 30-40 km/h - from the southeast. From Pamhagen, the border crossing to Austria, it was very hard to keep up with the faster cyclists, as there was no wind shadow. There were many small groups of about 3 to 10 cyclists. After the first refreshment station in Illmitz until shortly before Weiden am See was often gusty winds. Here, the risk of accidents in small groups was much lower, since it is not so often ran side by side.

Of Weiden am See to Neusiedl am See until the small climb before Jois had direct tailwind, and it went very quickly and easily. But just in the last 35 kilometers of Jois, Winden am See, Breitenbrunn, Purbach am Neusiedlersee, Donnerskirchen, Oggau at Lake Neusiedl and Rust back to Mörbisch the headwind was so strong that we often drive only 20-25 km/h, in the group with about 10 cyclists.

So I guess the tremendous mental power of the participants in the second Ultra Bike Marathon settlers who have completed despite wind conditions, the second round of the Neusiedlersee. Just a few days before you can check the wind direction and wind speed very well. The specified node must be multiplied by about 1.85, then you get the wind speed in km/h.

The first 12 kilometers of cycling marathon after takeoff in Mörbisch until the border crossing to Hungary in Klingenbach driven on a one-lane road. Immediately after the start followed the first pitch. You should have fit right in starter box. Because, the good drivers drive like the first pitch at full throttle, one would be the average amateur athletes on the narrow road by the semi-professionals are constantly being outdated, which could lead to a strong crowd. Right at the front on the grid should only be when you finish  the Neusiedlersee Bike Marathon in about 3 to 3.5 hours on. Those who like me 4 hours, is located approximately at the end of the second to third.

Because of the 8 kilometers wide reed belt around Lake Neusiedl and the very shallow shores can be seen in the course of cycling marathon from the lake not very much. Who approx in Mörbisch 2 hours before the start of the Neusiedlersee bike marathon, have enough time to look up around the area. One has a good view on the lake Neusiedl on the hill east of Mörbisch. If you have never started on the Neusiedlersee cycling marathon, then I already know about the very important first pitch decision. And even the short detour from Mörbisch to the shore and harbor and the lake stage is highly recommended. If you have no time left before the start, one should necessarily drive a few kilometers after the Lake Neusiedl bike marathon.

In Mörbisch was set up a huge tent so that the ceremony could take place against wind and weather protection. Before you went to the large portion of spaghetti, you could make fresh in the mobile shower of the Red Cross. Not only the first participants had hot water.

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