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The finish of this highly recommended Oppenberg bike tour is the area in the beautiful mountain village Oppenberg, on a high of 1075Hm. By Liezen you drive by on the B113 at Selzthal and then you turn a few miles away shortly before Rottenmann at Strechau right towards Oppenberg. The increase on the bike tour after Oppenberg of Strechau at Rottenmann is demanding, about 6 kilometers long and is interrupted only twice by a flat section.

Some short passages have a slope of about 15%. The last 2 kilometers before Oppenberg, along the bog are then almost flat. In Oppenberg sets the bike tour continues to the south into another little valley. After short downhill, which is still in the village of Oppenberg increases the road to Gulling / Winkel to a length of about 8km, almost without light and passes through a beautiful alpine landscape until 1110Hm.

Especially from Oppenberg after Gulling angle you have very little traffic on this Alpine bike tour. Unfortunately, the cycling tour after Oppenberg has been a few years, a little shorter, as the owner of the hunting lodges have declared the last kilometers to the private road. But the narrow road is always in excellent condition for it.

Back in Oppenberg you turn left and go over three small hills to reach Vorberg - 1114Hm. On the descent from Vorberg to Aigen im Ennstal, it is worth in any case stand for once to stay at the magnificent view to enjoy. By Vorberg we also see up to the Dachstein. The total length of the cycle tour in the Low Tauern to Oppenberg is 58.5 kilometers.

Drive between Oppenberg and Aigen im Ennstal because of the narrow street, and especially in tight corners and bends very careful because there is often very much split on the road.

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