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 Immediately after Stein an der Enns is the first of the three slopes with 7-10% of the Schladming Tauern bicycle tour in the Austrian Alps, on the section up to Großsölk. After a small drop before Großsölk the next few kilometers to St.Nikolai im Sölktal are only slightly uphill (1-3%). From St. Nikolai im Sölktal to the final ascent to the Sölkpass change a few short climbs with flat sections. The last 4 km to Sölkpass up with 12% slope, but had even a real test for this condition long bike ride. The Sölkpass with 1790 Hm also the highest point of this bike tour, which runs through the Austrian provinces of Styria and Salzburg.

The descent to Schöder is similar to the rise up the Sölkpass. The Sölkpass situated in the beautiful Landscape "Naturpark Sölktäler" and is one of the most beautiful passes in the whole of the Austrian Alps. That does not mean that the rest of the trip is not nearly as nice, but there will be any more conscious that he does not leave garbage and leaves as well as the nature as he finds. There are some pasture grates on both sides of the Sölkpass and the cows on the pasture often go across the street. Also, be aware especially on the descent by bike from the Sölkpass down special attention.

By Schöder to TamswThe second pass on this bike tour is the "Seetalersattel" between Schöder and Tamsweg. A small pass with no long, hard climbs. There is no through traffic on this road by buses and trucks. I went the bike tour on a Wednesday, because the traffic is much lower as on the weekend.

By Tamsweg on Radstätter Tauernpass there was already much more traffic. Some long avalanche galleries make it also not safe for us cyclists. Landscape is Radstätter Tauernpass as fascinating as the Sölkpass. Only the Sölkpass is articulated with some mountain huts. The Katschberg is totally focused primarily in Obertauern in the mass tourism. Where it is technically possible for a ski lift will be built, or built a hotel. The rise of Tamsweg on the Katschberg is much easier than from Radstadt. By Obertauern down to Radstadt you go through a short beautiful gorge.

To avoid the traffic on the bike I chose back in Styria, the route of Radstadt to Forstau. The approximately 4 kilometers long climb has 270 Hm.

In Ennsvalley you reach the starting point again over Gleiming, Schladming, Haus and Pruggern. In this section, use the Ennstalradweg is because the traffic on the Ennstalbundesstraße with many trucks.

As you reach this beautiful bike tour high alpine terrain, I recommend you take the right cycling clothing. Long cycling shorts, cycling gloves and long windproof jacket. Even on a bright summer day at least, take the jacket with a hood, because they can change in the alpine area in the Tauern Schladming about the weather very quickly and form in the mountains especially in the afternoon thunderstorms often very quickly.

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