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The Sölkpass cycling tour in the "Niederen Tauern" - Austria - with the Sölkpass and Triebener Tauernpass through the beautiful regions of the Styrian Ennstal, Landscape Sölktäler, Hohentauern and Murtal. The first 30 kilometers of the Alpine cycle tour of the district capital Liezen im Ennstal to Stein an der Enns ride on a country road with not too much traffic. Just before and just after Irdning there are 2 small slopes at about 20 altimeter. In Stein an der Enns, the slope begins to Sölkpass.

Up to Großsölk you have 3 slopes, each with about 100 meters. From the village Großsölk you reach the most scenic part of the Sölkpaß bike tour. The landscape Sölktäler is a guarantee of unspoiled nature with all the beauties of the Central Alps in the southern valleys of the Ennstal. After the short descent into Großsölk the road climbs until just before St. Nikolai im Sölktal equally easily with only a few percent. In between, you drive past the plant at the reservoir and through the two villages Sölktal Fleiß and Mössna. A few miles to the picturesque mountain village of St. Nikolai im Sölktal you reach from a height of 1200m the alpine area Sölkpaß. The Hansenalm follow another 4 beautiful cultivated pastures, which are just a few meters away from the Sölkpass road and are easily accessible. The last 3 kilometers up to the Sölkpass you have a slope of about 12 percent, and you should not miss already prepared for it.

After the descent into Murtal until Schöder you follow the country road on Baierdorf and Feistritz am Kammersberg to St. Peter am Kammersberg. The slope of the "Kammersberg" is short but quite challenging with about 240 meters. The following descent to Oberwölz has almost as much altitude. After Oberwölz, with the old gate on the north side, sits the Sölkpass bike ride with a slope (nearly 500 altimeter) in the direction Salchau / Lachtal and later to the Gellsee Hocheggersattel (1338m) up, away. This is in addition to the Sölkpass the most beautiful section of the Sölkpass bike tour in the beautiful alps, since there is not much traffic and the scenery is as beautiful as in Sölktal.

The third departure of Sölkpass bike ride ends in Oberzeiring (902m). On the Triebener highway you drive up 23 kilometers to Hohentauern (Triebener Tauern pass altitude of 1274 m.), a very light mountain road. The final section of Sölkpass bike ride begins with a steep descent in Hohentauern. In the last 20 kilometers to Rottenmann and the starting point of this beautiful Sölkpass bike tour back to Liezen there are no significant climbs more.

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