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The start and finish of Wildon cycling marathon, the 2008 already at 17 Times took place, is the market town Wildon - District Leibnitz - Styria - Austria. With about 6,000 runners at 7 lines, he is the greatest cycling marathon in Austria. It was offered at Wildon Bike Marathon 2008 - 2 mountain bike routes with 21 or 51 kilometers, a family - with 33 kilometers cycling marathon and 4 tracks for bikes with 63, 69.125, and 163 kilometers. The described route A of Wildon bike marathons in 2008 166 kilometers and 1385 Hm leads from Wildon by the beautiful scenery southern Styrian and Slovenian wine country. The line A of Wildon cycling marathon is therefore also the longest and most challenging route of this great marathon event.

When there is Wildon cycling marathon due to the very good organization of the start numbers to the finish no delays in obtaining food. The criterion of the distance A Wildon Radmarathon are the 9 elevations to the first 80 kilometers. The slopes have meters up to 10% and about 50m to 120m altitude. If you're not one of the strongest drivers, you can compensate with some tactical skill. If you start with 2 bottles may skip the first refreshment station at Wildon Cycling Marathon. When leaving the 2nd Refreshment station waits until a group is best with at least 5 riders going away. After the 3rd Refreshment station in Sladki Vrh - Slovenia follows immediately thereafter, a long climb. I have not made a long pause. Only drinks filled and taken a few granola bars. Thus I had gained about the same time, at which I was slowly on the rise. After the exit, I ran myself from the group gather again. In a group ride to Bad Radkersburg was a major advantage, because in these 18 kilometers of Wildon cycling marathon in Slovenia, there were quite a lot of headwinds. With the aid stations in Bad Radkersburg and Hainsdorf I have brought just as the others in the group a short break. Since we had a tailwind of Mureck away and I still felt good, I've missed the last refreshment station and went together with another rider for two to the finish of the bike marathons Wildon.

Overall, the Wildon Radmarathon driven from many low-traffic roads, so there are more intersections. All crossings were well signposted and well secured by folder or police. The most beautiful parts of Wildon Radmarathon for me were the sections in Styria. The first 40 kilometers of Wildon to Arnfels and the low-traffic bike path from Radkersburg to Mureck. On the first two runs was slightly split in the corners and the roads in Slovenia were often in a poor condition. Since a main through-road was blocked in Styria, was the cycling marathon around 3 kilometers longer.

At 6 aid stations along the line A of Wildon cycling marathon, approximately every 25 to 30 kilometers it was cereal bars, isotonic drinks, cola, fruit juices, mineral water, sausage rolls and delicious breads with spreads. In the third refreshment station in Sladki Vrh - Slovenia, there was even a musical entertainment. The entry fee was only 30 euros and still you get the Wildon Radmarathon much food and souvenirs. At the finish, there is a refreshment station with a lot of drinks right after the finish line.

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