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 Glocknerkönig 2008    27 Km / 1.663 m

The "Glocknerkönig" is a heavy bike race on one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Austria - the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The start is in Bruck an der Glocknerstraße - Salzburg. The Glocknerkönig cycling marathon is the first 10 km relatively flat until the last 17 km long increase with 12%. And the air is noticeably thinner from 2000Hm. There are also a short distance from the toll in Ferleiten. But in principle, everyone has no matter whether professional or amateur to complete the same marathon.


 Carinthia      155 Km / 1550 m

The Carinthian lakes bike tour, I'm gone during the Carinthian Lakes Cycling Marathon in austria. By Keutschach near the lake Wörthersee up to Bad Kleinkirchheim - Feldkirchen - Ossiachersee - Villach and back to the Wörthersee. On the bike tour in Carinthia there are many small, but no major climbs. The road to Bad Kleinkirchheim has only an average of 5-8%.


 Neusiedlersee      125 Km / 656 m

The Neusiedlersee road bike marathon leads around the largest lake in Austria. The landscape around the nature reserve Neusiedlersee offers very beautiful, varied, scenic attractions. In the west of the Neusiedlersee are the last offshoots of the Leitha Mountains and in the east begins the Puszta area in Hungary.


 Salzkammergut MTB Trophy 2008   53 Km / 1.663 m

In the Salzkammergut Trophy in 2010, there are 5 sections. 26.6 kilometers 53.1 kilometers ca.70km 109.7 kilometers and incredible 208,7 kilometers. The mega event around the mountain bike sport. Many other starters thought that the biggest mountain bike marathon in austria is also the best. Over 3400 starters from 26 nations are further evidence of this. And the landscape of the Salzkammergut region around the Dachstein is really beautiful.


 Salzkammergut MTB Trophy 2010   73 Km / 2355 m

In the Salzkammergut Trophy in 2010 were offered six routes with 27, 37, 53, 73, 119 and 211 km. On the Mountain - Mega Event 2010 more than 4.000 mountain bikers from 30 nations have participated. The from me driven and here described Route C with 73 km and starting point in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt was new in the Trophy program. An overall very trophy - dignified route that should give in the coming years.


 Wildon - Tour A 2008       166 Km / 1385 m

The largest cycling marathon in Austria. About 6.000 participants over 7 tours. Very good organization. The track was perfectly covered with signs, stewards and police. The entry fee is not overpriced and next to the jersey you got a few souvenirs. A bike marathon for the whole family because the family route is 33 km long and has no hills.


 Wildon MTB 2009     54 Km / 1.435 m

The longer of the two MTB Bike Marathon route in Wildon is 54 kilometers long and has 1435 altimeter. From the pond in Wildon leads the Mountain bike marathon to St. Nikolai im Sausal, Sulmsee bei Leibnitz and from Dexenberg return to Wildon. The opinions of the starter in 2008, the MTB travelled route, were almost entirely positive and euphoric. As my interest increased even further. The high expectations were fully met by the organizers and from the track. Many sections run through private land and therefore these MTB Tour is only released for the Wildoner bike marathon.


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