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 The best opportunity to take on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road to a cycle tour to Fuschertörl, Hochtor and Edelweisspitze offer each year on the first weekend in June at "Glocknerkönig" race. On this first Sunday morning in June, the Grossglockner High Alpine road is closed for one of the best and most exclusive bike race from the toll station Ferleiten to Fuschertörl for the cars until approximately 10h30. So you can bike more safely and in the fresh air without annoying exhaust up to the beautiful and most famous mountain pass in austria.

Such privileges are otherwise only the cyclists on the Tour of Austria. Also by the Tour of Austria the first replaced on the Fuschertörl became the title "Glocknerkönig". However, we must never lose sight that one moves at about 2,500 meters in the high alpine terrain of the High Tauern. This means, for example, if it rains in the valley at 10-15 degrees, it can snow on top of Fuschertörl, Hochtor and Edelweisspitze. And because of the distant view Glocknerkönig race for me anyway is recommended only in good weather. In fine weather, the bike ride on the Grossglockner High Alpine road always one of the highlights of the entire cycling season. In 2002 the Glocknerkönig Racing had ca.1500 starter and in the year 2008, there were even 2423 participating cyclists. That alone shows what a wonderful event Glocknerkönig is partly because in 2423 travelled from afar cyclists can not be wrong. And I sure as many amateur cyclists as a "repeat offender" has often started at Glocknerkönig. By 2008 I was on Fuschertörl 4 times and it is safe for the tenth time and still so beautiful as the first time in the 1.5 to 3 hours, you just take with so many beautiful impressions that one hopes to one day after the king in the Glockner next year to again have such a nice weather for this great event.

By Bruck an der Glocknerstraße the first 10 km is almost flat until just after Fuschl on the Glockner road there you can still use one or the other slipstream. But then come the remaining 17 km with a maximum grade of 12%. Here, everyone has to rely on his own condition. With 14 turns, it goes up to 2430 meters to Fuschertörl Memorial Chapel. Only in the curves you can relax for a few seconds. Particularly interesting about this circuit is that it crosses all of our existing alpine vegetation zones. From the valley, away it goes past the alpine landscape, it is then further away through the woods and over the tree line, to just below the glacier region. Landscape and because of the cycling race Glocknerkönig always a huge experience. There is also a clothes Transport Service. It saves a lot of weight. In any case, a fresh bike dress, windproof bike jacket, long shorts and long cycling gloves are packed for departure. At the Museum of Alpine Nature Show a little below the Fuschertörl there after the cycling event a delicious pancake. If you are still feeling fit can then continue to the Hochtor and take the Edelweisspitze. The tour has then 71 km and 2284Hm. But you should always keep an eye on the weather, because it can be very easy to see that the weather up there in the Hohe Tauern turns very fast. Since almost everyone goes to its performance limit, you should relax on the bike after leaving the valley. Here, the tour of Bruck on the Glockner road to Saalbach-Hinterglemm is best. Each individual the regenerative wheel tour can abbreviate as desired.

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