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Ennsradweg Ennstalradweg Enns Radweg auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Flachau - Enns 268,8 Km / 2.738 m Enns - Flachau 274,3 Km / 3.708 m

Flachau - Gröbming   66,8 Km / 392 m

Gröbming - Admont   59,7 Km / 309 m

Admont - Großreifling   36,1 Km / 596 m

Großreifling - Reichraming   47 Km / 894 m 

Reichraming - Enns   59 Km / 577 m  

Enns - Ternberg   48,1 Km / 404 m

Ternberg - Altenmarkt   50,7 Km / 1117 m

Altenmarkt - Liezen   69,7 Km / 944 m

Liezen - Schladming   59,2 Km / 423 m

Schladming - Flachau   46,4 Km / 628 m

 The Enns Cycle Path is one of Austria's most famous cycling tours. He leads the cyclists of Salzburg, through the Enns Valley and Gesäuse in Styria and Upper Austria to the Danube. Here you pass the interesting regions: Salzburg Sports World, Dachstein Tauern, Enns Grimming, National Park Gesäuse and the Limestone Alps National Park. The many side valleys offer sporting cyclists and mountain bikers many opportunities for a trip such as the MTB Tours Schladming. Connections to other great bike paths exist as Trautenfels - Salzkammergut Cycle Path, in Selzthal  - Rastland Bike Path or Danube Bike Path in Enns. Along the Enns Cycle Path there are some very interesting places and cities. As well as many interesting places such as the Japanese garden at the pilgrimage church in Frauenberg, the mountain Grimming, the river Enns in the region Gesäuse, or the pond by the church in Admont. Parts for your bike you will get best from the bike shops in Wörschach and in Liezen.

The Enns Cycle Path begins in Salzburg - Flachau near the Tauern Tunnel north portal at an altitude of 1,200m. Since there you’ll drive slightly downhill, you can reach Flachau, Altenmarkt and Radstadt very quickly. In Mandling we move to the province of Styria. About Schladming and Haus im Ennstal we reach the first stage in Gröbming. The tendency is always slightly downhill, and in between with some small climbs from about 10 to 100 vertical meters, you’ll drive easily in the coming days to Liezen, Admont and through the Nationals Parks Gesäuse and Kalkalpen to Enns. Between the romantic town of Steyr and Enns, here is the gently-flowing river Enns, the border between Upper Austria and Lower Austria. The Enns Cycle Path ends at the Danube.

In addition to the description of the entire route in both directions, I have divided the Enns Cycle Path in 5 stages. The stages have a length of 35 to 70 kilometers. They are all viable if you have a long preparation for 2-3 months on your bike. In the Google Map we have marked the tours of Flachau to Enns in blue und of Enns to Flachau in orange. Due to some long stretches with gravel roads the whole Enns Cycle Path is not suitable for road cyclists and the alternative route where only possible on the Ennstal main road, I recommend the entire Enns Cycle Path for bikes and mountain bikes.

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