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Ennstalradweg Admont Großreifling auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The third stage on the Enns Cycle Path between Admont and Großreifling lead us through the very beautiful national park Gesäuse. On this day we have to go only 36 kilometers and about 400 vertical meters. Therefore we have enough time for the wonderful landscape.

At the beginning we drive 500m through Admont towards to the enns bridge. Then we turn right and past the tennis court we reach the bike path who lead us the first 5 km along the river Enns to Weng im Gesäuse. In this section there is the only dirt road on this tour with a length of about 1.5 - 2 km. The 3.5 km from Weng im Gesäuse to the next bridge we drive on a also quiet side street.

From there the enns cycle path leads, except for a few km bike lane, in Landl and Großreifling, always on the road. At the weekends there are many motorcycles and between Hieflau and Großreifling there are a few trucks. Who does not want to drive with the bike on the road with traffic should take the train from Hieflau to Kleinreifling. The Gesaeuse entrance between the two small mountains Himbeerstein 1.222m and Haindlmauer 1.435m is the beginning of the wonderful scenic tour through the Gesaeuse. The Enns overcomes between the 16 kilometers from Gesäuseeingang to Enns Hieflau a slope of about 150m. The Gesäuse has its name trom the wild and sparkling water. In the very popular hiking area you can observe, about 90 species of breeding birds, marmots, mountain goats, deer and 50 species of orchids.


2002 a large part of the Gesäuse was declared to a national park. The mountains of limestone rock offer photographers many great motive. After 17 kilometers we reach the only community - Gstatterboden in the central part of the National Park Gesäuse. Here you'll have the option of an alternative tour on the MTB Tour Hochscheibenalm to Hieflau. The last 10 km between Hieflau and Großreifling are again quite hilly. Großreifling is located on a loop on the left bank of the Enns and near the river - Salza flows into the Enns. Just as on the Enns also on the Salza where offered on one of the best rivers for water sport in Central Europe, Canonying Tours, Rafting and Kayaking courses.

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