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Ennstalradweg Altenmarkt - Liezen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 On the Enns Cycle Path from Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen to Liezen we drive through the National Park Gesäuse. Especially the wonderful landscape in the narrow valley between Hieflau and Admont impressed us. Since the Enns overcomes there over a length of 16 kilometers 150 vertical meters, we are aware of how much force the water have. On this day we drive very nice 69.7 kilometers and 944 vertical meters. Unfortunately there are on the first 38 kilometers until to the entrance of the Gesaeuse only in Landl a few kilometers bike path. The rest has be driven on the road. From the entrance in the Gesäuse to Liezen you’ll drive mostly on bike paths and a couple of kilometers on side streets.

The first 20 kilometers from the Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen through Großreifling and Landl to Hieflau the bike tour is very hilly and there are some slopes with about 20-80 vertical meters. Anyone who want not drive with the bike on the road, could make a trip with the train from Weißenbach bei St. Gallen to Hieflau. In Hieflau can strong cyclists, who are traveling with a mountain bike, start with the MTB Tour up to Hochscheibenalm and then down to Gstatterboden. This mountain bike tour takes you with a very recommendable landscape through the center of the National Park Gesäuse. The river Enns overcomes at the 16 kilometers between Hieflau and the entrance of Gesaeuse a slope of about 150m. The region Gesäuse has its name from the wild and sparkling water. In the very popular hiking area you can be observe in the wild nature, about 90 species of breeding birds, marmots, mountain goats, deer and 50 species of orchids. 2002 a large part of the Gesäuse was declared to the National Park Gesäuse. The mountains of limestone rock in the Buchsteingruppe, Hochtorgruppe, Admonter-Reichsteingruppe and the group Lugauer-Zinödl offer many great motives for photographer.

After 30 kilometers we reach with Gstatterboden the only little village in the central part of the Gesäuse. At kilometer 37 between the two small mountains Himbeerstein 1.222m and Haindlmauer 1.435m the Gesaeuse ends at the entrance Gesaeuse. Here you should definitely make a stop because the river Enns overcomes there a big height difference and the power of water is really noticeable. One kilometer later we turn right and drive 3.5 km on a side road to Weng im Gesäuse. From the bridge over the Enns at km 38.8 you‘ll have especially in the afternoon a wonderful view back to the Gesaeuse entrance. On the bike path along the highway „Buchauer Sattel“ we reach after 47 km the main town Admont. In the middle of the Ennstaler Alps, Admont is framed by the mountains - Haller Mauern,  Buchstein and the Admonter Reichenstein. The first mention is proved from the year 859 and so Admont is one of the oldest settlements in Styria. 1074 was founded the monastery in Admont. Of particular interest are in Admont the library, the abbey pond, St. Mary's Park and the main street with some beautiful old buildings.

Until the next attraction to the sanctuary in Frauenberg we cycle on a little road 8 km south of the river Enns. The sanctuary is located at the hill „Kalvarienberg“ approximately 130m above the Enns Valley. Of the widely prominent parish and pilgrimage church you‘ll have an incomparable view of the region between the Gesaeuse and the famous mountain Grimming. The beautifully landscaped garden on the west side is a special place of spiritual retreat where you can find very well your inner peace (not shown in the Google map and elevation profile). The last 14km to the stage finish in Liezen we cycle on a bike path through Ardning and past Selzthal often near the River Enns. Thus, we can observe very good the beautiful scenery in the Enns Valley. After almost 70 kilometers, we reach the district capital Liezen. Because of the many shops we use the rest oft he day for a very good shopping spree and get all the necessary things we need for the rest of our tour on the Enns Cycle Path.

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