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 The Enns cycle path of Ternberg to Altenmarkt is 50.7 km long and with 1117 vertical meters very hilly. The first 38 kilometers to Kleinreifling we cycle on a nice paved side street where we met only now and then a car. In Kleinreifling we cross the river Enns and drive on the main road B115 up to Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen.

From Ternberg the landscape in the Upper Austrian region Traunviertel changes on an undulating in a mountainous is therefore called as gateway in the National Park Kalkalpen. Thus, the Enns Cycle Path has here more and longer climbs. In Ternberg you can see the biggest pocket knife. After 9 km drive past the village - Losenstein. On the rock in the center of Losenstein was built in the 12th Century a castle. Today, the ruin is one of the largest and oldest in Upper Austria. Between Reichraming and Großraming you’ll cycle up after 20km the longest slope ot this stage with 100 vertical meters. The National Park community Großraming that we reach after 23 km was also already voted "most beautiful village in Upper Austria" and is located in the beautiful and varied landscape of the alps. The National Park Kalkalpen with its green pastures, romantic valleys, clear water, clean streams, many beautiful well-marked mountain bike tours, hiking and biking trails.

At km 33, we'll pass the nice market town - Weyer. But those who would like to have a view to the beautiful market town must only drive a detour of 4 km. Weyer is 223.8 square kilometers in area, the second largest town in Upper Austria. The health resort is noted for its ideal climatic conditions since imperial times and  the fog-free "Golden Autumn" is very famous in Austria. Of particular interest in Weyer is the very well preserved mill - Katzensteiner. After 38 kilometers we reach Kleinreifling where we must switch to the other side of the valley. On the busy main road B115 we take the last 12 km to Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen. 2 km bevor Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen we leave Upper Austia and drive now in the province of Styria. Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen is beautifully situated on a plateau above the river Enns amid the mountains of the region Gesaeuse and in the triangle between the states Styria, Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

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