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 The first stage of our multi-day bike ride on the Enns Cycle Path from Enns to Ternberg is 48.1 km long and with 404 vertical meters relatively flat. We start by the river Danube and ride comfortably along the Enns river to Steyr and Ternberg, where also the geographical entrance to Limestone Alps National Park is.

After arriving Enns by train we drive for about 5km in the opposite direction to the Danube. A few hundred meters from the confluence of Danube and Enns is a Danube - bike ferry across the Danube from Enns to Mauthausen. Then we drive 3 km back on the same path again and in Enghagen where the Enns Cycle Path crosses the Danube cycle path starts the signs fort he Enns Cycle Path R7. Exept for 4 short sections (blue lines in the Google Map) with 600 - 900m in Enns, Schieferegg, Haidershofen and Steyr we drive the entire bike ride on paved roads and bike paths. Immediately after the village Kronstorf at kilometer 16 we leave the Enns Cycle Path R7, turn left and cross the river Enns. In the state Lower Austria we get to know the river Enns from the other side and ride 13km through Lower Austria on the Enns Cycle Path Nr.11. Just before Steyr we are back on the Enns Cycle Path in the state Upper Austria.

At km 33 begins in Steyr the center with a nice path along the Enns. On the next kilometer we stroll leisurely through the beautiful and interesting center of Steyr. Here you can insert on the town square a long and very nice break. Steyr is with about 38,000 inhabitants, the third largest town in Upper Austria. It is located at the confluence of the two rivers Enns and Steyr. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the center of a region with more than 100,000 people.

After the town square in Steyr we drive 2.5 km comfortably next to the river Enns. At km 37 we reach the little traveled country road L1344. On this road we drive the last 15km cozy up until Ternberg. Where we will spend the first night of our multi-day bicycle tour through the Enns valley.

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