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Ennstalradweg Gröbming Admont auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 We start the second stage on the Enns cycle path in Gröbming and drive 59.7 km to Admont. With only 309 vertical meters is this section only slightly undulating. The first 12 km of Gröbming to Espang are scenic as beautiful as the rest of the Enns cycle tour, but because the bike path is very close to the main road and the traffic disturbs a little. In Espang we switch to the other side of the valley and there it's a little quiet. After 18 km we arrive Trautenfels. The castle was first mentioned in Trautenfels in 1261. Significantly surpasses the impressive building at the foot of the equally impressive Grimming the enns valley floor. At that time, here was the intersection of Salt Road with the road through the Enns valley. The castle was renovated at the end of the 20th Century and now houses an interesting museum and a restaurant.

Beside the road, we drive then 700m towards Irdning and then turn left. The next 5.5 km, far from busy roads, we drive along the river Enns to Wörschach. Similarly, relaxing and a beautiful scenery offers the 10 km from Wörschach to Liezen. Here at this stage is the only dirt road with a length of about 5 km. After 36 kilometers we reach the district capital Liezen and we make a little detour up to the main square. Where can we strengthen us a little before we go next in the direction to Ardning. 2.5 km in the east of Ardning is on a small hill the pilgrimage church - Frauenberg. The pilgrimage church is located at the hill - Kalvarienberg approximately 130m above the Enns Valley. Of the widely prominent parish and pilgrimage church you have a good view of the mountains – in the region Gesaeuse and Grimming. The beautifully landscaped garden on the west side is a special place of spiritual retreat where one may very well find the inner peace (not shown in the Google map and elevation profile).

After this visit we cross the Enns again and continue our tour on the southern side of the Enns valley. At the last 8 kilometers we reach to the next milestone in Admont. Here you have to overcome two small climbs. Admont is in a basin at the western entrance to the Gesaeuse. In the middle of the Alps is Admont surrounded from the – „Haller Mauern“, „Buchstein“ and the „Admonter Reichenstein“. Admont is one of the oldest settlements in Styria. The first mention was made in 859th. The monastery in Admont was founded in 1074. Of particular interest in Admont the library, the abbey pond, St. Mary's Park and the main street with some beautiful old buildings.

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