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Ennsradweg Reichraming - Enns auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The last stage on our Cycling Tour from Reichraming to Enns is 59 km long and have 577 vertical meters. The first 14 km to Ternberg are quite hilly and it then the bike tour gets flatter.

Reichraming the green gate to the mountains „Reichraminger Hintergebirge“ are rich in water, wildlife, and forest. In the Forestry Museum you’ll learn more who the woodcutters worked and lived at that time.

For sporting people there a many mtb and hiking trails in the National Park Kalkalpen. So mountain bikers and also families with children can have very goog holidays in one of the most beautiful regions of upper austria. After 6 km you‘ll reach Losenstein. On the rock in the center of Losenstein was built in the 12th Century a castle. Today, the ruin is one of the largest and oldest in Upper Austria. In Ternberg after 14 km we leave the country around the Limestone Alps National Park and the landscape in the Upper Austrian region - Traunviertel will be transferred from a mountainous to a rolling. In Ternberg you can also see the largest Folding Pocket (pocket knife).

From Ternberg we bike on the road L1344 Lahrndorfer Straße until kilometer 25 and then we turn right. 700m later we reach the shore on the river Enns and we continues the cycling tour on the Enns Cycle Path. The first long break we have then on the town square in Steyr at kilometer 28,5. Steyr is with about 38,000 inhabitants, the third largest town in Upper Austria. It is located at the confluence of the two rivers Enns and Steyr. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the center of a region with more than 100,000 people.

Unlike the Enns Bike Path in the opposite direction, we remain after the passage in Steyr in Upper Austria on the left bank of the river Enns. In Steyr, Schieferegg and Enns there are three short gravel roads with a length of about 600-900m. 3 km before the end of our bike tour meets the Enns Cycle Path the Danube Cycle Path in the village - Enghagen. There, the signs of the Enns Cycle Path ends. But since we also want to see the biggest river in Austria we drive the 3 km further to the bike ferry across the Danube to Mauthausen. This is a few hundred meters before the confluence of the Danube and Enns.


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